Choose a child from Inclusion Works!  or real life and answer the following ques

Choose a child from Inclusion Works!  or real life and answer the following questions:
Background- Where do they live? Interests? Feelings about school? What issue do they have? Disability?
Services- What services is the child receiving?
Strategy- What strategies are being used to address the child’s disability?
Supporting Factors- What can be considered as a supporting factor for the child? Is there a child with similar interests? Do the specialists meet regularly with the parents or teachers?
Choose an environment from real life, or one from the provided videos and answer the following questions:
What works well in your program? Please describe in detail the strengths of your program/classroom in its response to supporting children with disabilities.
What parts of the day are challenging for you and/or for the children in regards to their disability?
From your perspective, why do you think these parts of the day are challenging? If you could strengthen one way or practice in your classroom/program that could improve your support of the child with a disability, what would that be? Why?
Whose support do you need to make this change happen?
You may submit your assignment as a Word document, a text document, a PDF, OR as a link to a Google Document (make sure that the document has been shared “anyone who has the link” so that I can read it.)
Your typed assignment should look like this.????????

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