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We met at a bar he was bartending at around Feb 2013, I was in a troubled marria

We met at a bar he was bartending at around Feb 2013, I was in a troubled marriage on the outs and hos smile caught my eye and he listened to my problems and he gave me the best kiss I ever had he kept me coming back to see him although nothing was really happening besides the kiss and talking. He didn’t know but at the time I was addicted to anxiety meds but he slowly realized then in 6/2013 he asked me to go home with him and I was with him everynight until I decided to leave my husband and moved in in august 2013. The beginning was hard he got me off the medication and drinking but my nervous system was a disaster. It took years to get better, I was faced with a custody issue out of spite by my ex with my youngest Savannah (3) at the time Whoch he helped me fight through and I had two older kids who were not a piece of cake. He had two daughters of his own Whoch I grew to love quickly. Financially he was in trouble and so was I but we moved forward and fough together. He was tough with me and mean at times but because of the drugs and everything going on I guess tough love. We married in May 2014. It hasn’t been easy with fights, kids acting up, finances and ups and downs. We superseded the financial issues and he makes great money and we are in a good financial place now. I love him dearly and am in love with him but he is no walk in the park however we manage to stay together. He did hurt me at one point as he communicated with an ex gf 5000 miles away and I found out but I forgave him as it was nothing more than messages over internet. We are still together. We get along we are always together besides when he works and I miss him dearly. The only issue we have now a days is my trust issues and our sex life. He is 16 years older and what was once hot and heavy is now once a week and it seems I have to beg because he has no drive. He is almost 60 and I am 44 and at my prime and I hope this is an issue we can over come. It is difficult to talk to him about it because he becomes defensive and mean. He has a great heart and I know he loves me but he comes from a household where he watched abuse and although he does not touch me he can be very mean with his mouth as he does not know how to communicate but I understand that and love him and hope some day we can also fix this. I want him to know how much I am in love with him and how I fell for him and thank him for saving me from my demons as I would be dead if he hadn’t. I would of overdosed and I was also suicidal. However I would love for us to grow stronger and together emotionally and intimately (physically) I want him to make me feel wanted once again. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I have never been in love this way or cared for another human this way besides my family and children and although I know his communication is toxic and his lack of effort in intimacy sucks I want to work through it and fix it together and spend my life with him.
I hope this letter can be written in a way where certain points are touched upon without antagonizing him to be defensive or mean but hopefully make him think about the things we need to work on and do it and you can add how hot and sexy I think he is and how he turns me on and I want him all the time till this day. Add anything else you think make this a great letter