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you will find a section called “Questions for Thinking And Writing,” which consists of four questions. Please choose one of those questions and write a thoughtful response in 2-3 paragraphs.

Please read the Introduction to Conformity & Rebellion, which can be found in the Module of the same name. At the end of it, you will find a section called "Questions for Thinking And Writing," which consists of four questions. Please choose one of those questions and write a thoughtful response in 2-3 paragraphs.

louis armstrong

This week we examined the early career of and cultural/musical influence of Louis Armstrong. In this assignment, respond to the following question: 

Q: Louis Armstrong’s influence in American culture is far-reaching and enduring. Describe at least two aspects of Louis Armstrong’s career that have been influential to US culture and/or music, explaining why each is influential. 


– minimum length one page typed (250 words), double-spaced, no larger than 12 font size, default margins. Use only your name as a heading, with your response beginning on the next line. 

– You may use only sources from class in your response. These may include class discussions, required readings, and powerpoint slides. For any included sources, provide internal citations (parenthesis or footnote). A full bibliography is not required. 

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation to the UT Austin undergraduate admissions. I’m applying to their business school as a business management major.

It should be a simple letter of recommendation that needs 300 words and there’s no maximum. I’ve also given you extra help below if you need ideas about what to talk about.
You can write about me, my character, characteristics, skills, uniqueness, and just about everything else that is important.
Address it as if you are talking about me to someone else, for example "Mustafa is a great character to have in your presence" "he is" "he has been."


For your first discussion board posting, reflect on the differences between the ways Tapper (author of Judaisms, our main textbook) and Fishbane (author of our supplementary text this week) introduce their subject. First, see if you can come up with a brief list of three differences. Then, ask yourself what might account for these differences. Share both your list and your subsequent reflection with the class on the discussion board.

**Both readings are attached below.

SEC 703

One obstacle to effective code application and enforcement is the lack of understanding of the true importance of or reason for any given code requirement by building department personnel. Mistakes are made or critical requirements are overlooked leading to unsafe conditions. One solution is to enable building department personnel to understand the concepts of being facilitators rather than regulators.
1) How would you relate the perspective of building department personnel being code facilitators rather than code enforcers to overcoming this significant obstacle?
2) Why do you feel this is a positive concept in avoiding unsafe conditions?

Ideologies and Individual Freedom

When is a person truly free in society? Discuss and explain what individual freedom means to you.  For example, ask yourself if a person can be free in a society where they feel unsafe, or are not treated equally and equitably. Based on your discussion and the characteristics you associate with a free society, identify the philosopher you feel best preserves individual freedom. Explain how that philosopher’s ideas best preserve individual freedom. Lastly, discuss the importance of individual freedom in society relative to the common good (what is in the best interest of all). Is there a proper balance between freedom, safety, and justice in society? What should that balance look like, especially if it means curtailing individual freedom in pursuit of ends that benefit society as a whole? 

Realms of the world/regions of realms

Realms of the Worldwrite one shorty-short 25-50 word paragraph describing each realm listed below, highlighting its uniqueness. Your paragraph should answer two questions: What sets this realm apart from other world realms? And, What gives this realm its geographic personality? 

North America
Middle America
South America
Sub-Saharan Africa
North Africa and Southwest Asia
South Asia
East Asia
Southeast Asia
Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands 
Follow this link to access the entire textbook online: Link
Regions of Realms–write one shorty-short 50-word+ paragraph describing each region within each realm listed below, highlighting its uniqueness. Your paragraphs should answer two questions: What sets this region apart from other regions in its realm? And, What gives this region its geographic personality?
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Central Europe
The British Isles
Eastern Europe
The Russian Core
The Eastern Frontier
The Far East
Southern Russia


1- Interesting Fact & Idea

A form of traditional Malagasy oratory, kabary is based on the unhurried telling of ancestral proverbs, metaphors, and riddles, frequently in a dialogue using call and response.

Originally used in public gatherings and political assemblies of a pre-literate era, the form has since evolved and been popularized, but it has kept its specific rules. Today, despite the rising literacy rate and the familiarity with different manners of speech, kabary is still considered necessary for communication during ritual events, and is also used widely in regular, day-to-day talk.

Interesting Fact & Idea

“The American style of learning is to ask questions, discuss the theory and then go do it and ask more questions,” he said. “The Japanese style is to observe the master, not ask questions and then get your hands dirty at the very beginning. If you ask questions, it can suggest that the master didn’t do his job properly. The different styles can cause problems.”

Interesting Fact & Idea

After listening to C.J. for three years, I felt somewhat prepared to carry on conversations the Asian way. No linear progression. Catching the point of their stories, whether C.J.’s or Phourim’s, was like capturing fireflies. In talking with Phourim, I had no expectation of going in a straight line from point A to point B and the purpose of the discussion.

  • Relate the difference used in each of these scenarios to what the text says about Preferences in Organizing Verbal Codes
2-  How many characters does one need to understand in order to read Modern Standard Chinese? Now compare that to how many characters one needs to know to read Modern Standard English. Hint: how many letters are there in the English language?

3- Movie ClipYou just viewed a scene from the film Presumed Innocent starring Harrison Ford. Fords character is a prosecutor and he is accused of committing murder.

Suddenly the colleagues he has been friends with for years are trying to send him to prison. In this particular scene, a pre-trial motion is being heard before the judge. What is being decided is whether something Ford said, out of anger, to one of his colleagues is admissible in court. 

  • Relate what the text says about dialects to the statement Yeah, your right as it is being dismissed by the judge.
  • How does one know the meaning of the actual words versus the real meaning intended? Explain in detail.
4- In detail, summarize at length the video “How to Save a Language from Extinction” and relate it to ANY aspect of the course you wish.

The Haitian Experience in Qubec, part 2

Please read this article and discuss page by page using only quotes from the article. You can compare or analyze the situation in the article to something you or someone else has experieced in daily live or at work. 

Seam Mills, A place in the Sun: Haiti, Haitians, and the Remaking of Quebec. Montral and Kingston, McGill-Queens University Press, 2016, 134-228.