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Please read the case study entitled Reagan Technologies. Then, with reference to

Please read the case study entitled Reagan Technologies.
Then, with reference to the contents of the two rubrics (see attached rubrics files), discuss each of the 4 elements in Part A and Part B with a minimum of 800 words for each part. This would be a total of 1600 words to complete the assignment.
Part A: Understand ethical standards of conduct and demonstrate ethical reasoning skills using the situation of Reagan Technologies.
1. Identify Ethical Dilemmas
2. Consider the stakeholders
3. Analyze ethical alternatives
4. Choose actions and articulate a plan of implementation
Part B: Analyze the interplay of local, regional and global markets from the perspective of Reagan technologies.
1. Identify global issues
2. Recognize multiple perspectives
3. Appreciate interdependence
4. Analyze solutions to global problems

Final Exam details include: Items to consider: *What is CRM? *The importance of

Final Exam details include:
Items to consider:
*What is CRM?
*The importance of CRM
*The benefits of CRM
*Select a company that has been successful as a result of implementing the use of Salesforce. You may find the link below helpful in selecting a company – I recommend that you scroll down the webpage and use the filter on the left to select “newest” as well as “featured” before selecting a company for your research!page=1
*In what ways has the company benefited from the use of Salesforce?
*Has Salesforce impacted the relationship between the company and its customer?

Essay 4: Dealing with An Omni-Channel World. The 1990s were marked by a back-off

Essay 4: Dealing with An Omni-Channel World.
The 1990s were marked by a back-office revolution in efficiency, systems and re-engineering. As
we transition into the 21st century, the key revolution is the front-office interface with customers.
It is no longer a simple mix of brick-and-mortar integration, or even “bricks and clicks” integration.
Rather, with the advance of social media, mobile media, always-on communications, the Internet
of Things and multi-channel markets, the new catchphrase is “omni-channel.” What do we know
about this world? Is it truly different than multi-channel? How might solving the last mile”
problem change the game in traditional industries such as consumer packaged goods and who is
going to do this? Amazon? Do the traditional theories and approaches work in such an omni-
channel world? What new capabilities do firms need to put in place to take advantage of this world?
How do I figure out how and where my customers and prospective customers want to buy from
The fundamental problem is not the maximization of a particular channel, but the interfaces that
link between channels. Think of these as drop offs and hand-offs between channels. Where do we
see the drop off occur? Is there a standard pattern across industries?
What is the right mix of customer interfaces?
Keep in mind that many of the interfaces are no longer under the firm’s control (e.g., Yelp), so
how can we stay in front of these messages. Can we shape the debate?
How does this work across countries?
In many cases, the technology in developing countries, or the political infrastructure, are at odds
with integration in a world economy. How does the political, economic and social context shape
the ability to integrate a global company?
How do I organize to coordinate across channels?
The fundamental problem in most cases is the way the company organizes, rewards and manages
profit and loss groups. A particular activity may be in the best interest of the overall firm, but not
in the best interest of a particular business unit or group. How does the firm reward the unit that
appears to be losing out?
What are the implications for in-store sales personnel?
How enables and accountable do they need to be in terms of awareness, knowledge and access
across chancels? Put simply, do in-store personnel need to be experts on mobile, websites, call
centers and other touchpoints that the firm is using to reach out to customers?
How do I develop an omni-channel strategy for my brand?
Are there general rules of thumb, or is every firm different? What is best practice, what is worst
practice and what is next practice? What are the implications of omni-channel for selecting channel
How is omni-channel changing B-to-B markets?
Are there unique challenges in the B-to-B world that we do not see in the B-to-C world?


DUE DATE Listed on Canvas. Please submit your work on Canvas before the deadline
– Choose a product, service, or business in the industry of your choice. Make sure that there
are at least one other similar (but with different target audiences) product, service, or business
in the same industry, so that you can compare the two. Examples: Theme Parks featuring
Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain, or magazines like Cat Fancy,
Fortune, and Seventeen, or car models like a Tercel, a Ford F-150, and a Maserati, or food places
like a Soup Kitchen, Denny’s and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Make up your own two.
– Keep it under 20 pages. There are 7 questions on the topics you have chosen and 3 random
unrelated ones in green
– Double spaced
– No citation page required but if you refer to a webpage, reference it in the footnote
– No table of contents (just answer all questions in the order asked ).
Answer to questions # 1, # 2, # 3, and # 4, should be about two to three pages each. The other nine
questions should equal the other half of the paper.
– Discuss, in as much detail as necessary, the following topics:
1. Describe all of the segmentation variables that your two choices used to target their customers.
How are they different from each other ? (Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and
Benefits Sought). A chart that supplements your discussion is necessary. This will be a long
2. Discuss the Marketing Mix for all two products. (Four P’s) . Compare the two in
detail …Make a chart of the four P’s. I expect this section to be quite extensive (Long
discussion and chart ).
3. Visit the web sites for all two competitors. Give a synopsis of your findings and thoughts. Are
they user-friendly sites? Do they provide needed information? Are they interactive? Do they
offer coupons, locations, or directions, if applicable? Tell me as though I am blind. This should
be pretty detailed.
4. How have each of the two competitors positioned themselves in the market- place? In your
opinion, have they done a good job? If not, why not? Do you feel that the target consumers see
the company properly (as the company expects)? Run small qualitative studies such as
quick interviews from people around you to find out and analyze the results. For example,
do all two competitors occupy the same place in the consumers mind or are they somehow
differentiated from each other? Is one the “quality leader” while the others are vying to be the
“price” leader, etc.?
5. What issues do these competitors have to deal with? Think in terms of INTERNAL and
EXTERNAL factors. Do a SWOT analysis for your primary choice.
6. What can you find out about your two choices and how they are addressing the “societal
marketing concept”? Do they pollute? Do they recycle? Do they use toxic chemicals? (hint: look
at their web sites or in-house literature ). Do they support charitable causes?
7. Provide a descriptive analysis of your impressions of each of the two competitive advertising
efforts. Include a description of your favorite campaign or ad. If they do not have one, suggest one.
8. Pick four different companies in business TODAY, and give me an example of how one of them
practices the ‘production orientation’, another does the ‘sales orientation’, another does the
‘marketing orientation’ and the last one practices the ‘societal marketing’ orientation. Give an
example of their product line and your justification.
9. Think of any product in the world that is no longer being sold (be specific about brand and
description). It must have been a good idea at one point. so what was good about it before it lost
its popularity with the consumers? Use a company that went out of favor due to ‘social’ changes
that took place in America.
10. Explain to me how you would argue that Walmart has several ‘sustainable competitive
advantages over any other retailer in the world (you will have to google this one and it should be
about a page).
Add some color charts where you see fit and “pretty it up” a little. I will take into
consideration any “extra effort” you put forth that was not specifically asked for….and give
you some extra points to offset any lack of content that I see. It is up to you. Good luck!
Caution: Do not approach this project as if you are a student. You must think like a
“marketing manager” in order to answer these questions. Think through it carefully

Please follow the instruction. Please note: the requirement of this assignment i

Please follow the instruction. Please note: the requirement of this assignment is “Assume the same product selected for your final project and use the background portion that you have developed with your team as reference”. I will tell you the product for my final project and I also write it in the instruction. My product for my final project is U-Haul, targeted to college students who want quick and localized access to high quality moving services at a reasonable price. Their households are relatively smaller, and can be easily accommodated by U-Haul’s standard trucking fleet, and movers can be contracted through U-Haul to help with boxing and packing items. Ease of access is similar to working with Zipcar. And the background is we are the urban moving company who provide home-moving and large items transportation services at any time at any place. We also provide drivers just like Uber, and rent car services just like Zipcar. Facilitating people in the city to move, combining the services of U-Haul and Uber and allowing people to experience the convenience of moving as if they were using Uber.

See attached. This is what the professor wrote… I took out unnecessary pages a

See attached.
This is what the professor wrote… I took out unnecessary pages and only put in the important ones:
So make sure you mentioned that I fixed some of the pages already and only sent in the pages that needs to be fixed. Fo example where she says CONDENSE, i took points out and condenses it so it just needs to be written properly etc

Communicating information to groups of people through digital platforms has beco

Communicating information to groups of people through digital platforms has become common in the past few years, but there are still misconceptions about when to use different approaches such as a webcast or a webinar. Now that you have successfully networked with Meg as Microsoft’s Director of Consumer Marketing for Xbox and she has offered you a job, it is time to show off your abilities as a thoughtful web meeting content creator.
You are free to tackle any aspect of Xbox’s family of products and plan two communications that will help with your marketing efforts leading up to the holiday season.
The webcast is designed for 2000 of your most ardent fans, who want to learn about a new game, feature, console, hardware… whatever you identify that Xbox might have in the pipeline that you also find interesting. These fans have opted into a program for Xbox enthusiasts, and the latest “reward” will be access to this webcast. It should still be appropriately open in tone and content that you can publish the webcast publicly later for all audiences.
The focus of this activity is to demonstrate your ability to plan a webcast that provides value to the audience. It should be between 8-to-10 minutes in length and prerecorded. Using any of the highlighted webcast software tools will be encouraged.
Create a PowerPoint or Spark deck to accompany the webcast presentation. The deck will count for a portion of your total grade and must be submitted via Canvas. Make sure to work at least 3 to 4 external sources in the presentation, not just listing them at the end as a bibliography.
Points will be deducted for going over or under the allotted time, so make sure to practice timing each presentation beforehand. We will deduct five points for every 30 seconds over and under the 8-to-10-minute window.
One final note: try to have a specific purpose to your speech, a clear story, or a unique angle that makes your presentation stand out amongst all the others. Creativity is encouraged, provided it does not detract from the assignment requirements.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUnderstanding of event marketing concepts
5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of research and information provided
5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDepth of analysis / critical thinking
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVideography and design elements
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresentation skills
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeHandling Q&A
5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTime management

Final Report As we have been looking at the data from the research done for the

Final Report
As we have been looking at the data from the research done for the L’Experience Restaurant. We’ve been able to see many of the hypotheses of the owners supported and refuted by the data and your analysis over the past few weeks. Put together an abbreviated research report for the owners of L’Experience Restaurant. Be sure to use appropriate visualizations where possible to illustrate your points and format the report in a professional manner, including spelling and grammar. Please include the following sections in your report, see section 16-6 for details and examples.
1. Introduction
2. Research Objectives
3. Method
4. Results
5. Limitations
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
You can add a title page and a table of contents for sake of completeness but this report really only contains the “body” of the report mentioned in the book PEARSON (MARKETING RESEARCH).

Prompt: In this assignment, your task is to identify a business organization th

In this assignment, your task is to identify a business organization that has a central business problem
arising from any one of the 5 environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, or
regulatory forces). Your goal is to investigate and identify possible solutions that could resolve the
problems or challenges faced by the business organization.
Based on the class assignment tasks, prepare a written report as your submission.
Format: Typewritten, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri.
Submission: This report, in a Word Doc or PDF format
– A writer who understands marketing and the principles of the concept
Needs to:
Identification of all major problems and related issues involved in the situation
Identified all relevant causal factors involved in a problem situation.
Effective application of all relevant theories, methods, systems, and technologies to address the problem.
Generation of highly efficient and effective solutions to the problem.
Provides strongly persuasive arguments and evidence to support proposed solutions.
Sources you’ll be using:

Record stores still spinning from pandemic but sales are trending up
– You can use one or two other sources you find to help you find a solution to the problem this organization faces
– Please have a reference page at the end (not part of the 2 page count)
– Name the store you’re citing in the paper
– I attached notes from the chapters from my book to help you follow the instructions better (:

Week 4 Assignment – Positioning Statement and Motto In this assignment, you will

Week 4 Assignment – Positioning Statement and Motto
In this assignment, you will create an original positioning statement and motto for a selected brand.
Note: For this assignment, you must do your own assessment of the business. Do not go to the business website and copy their analysis. You can look at their items for ideas, but you need to do your own assessment based on what you personally see them doing now and what you think they need to do.
To complete this assignment:
Download the Week 4 Assignment: Positioning Statement and Motto Template [DOCX] to your computer and Save As using the following identifier: LastName_FirstName_Week4_Assignment.
Select one of the following brands:
General Brand Marketing: Italian excellence the rest of the world can only dream of: We build cars unique in terms of their performance, innovations, technology, driving pleasure and design.
Vision: Italian excellence that makes the world dream.
Mission: We build cars, symbols of Italian excellence the world over, and we do so to win on both road and track. Unique creations that fuel the Prancing Horse legend and generate a world of dreams and emotions.
Founded in 1980, Nutri/System quickly blossomed into a nationwide chain of weight-loss centers. Each Nutri/System center earned its money through a set-up fee to clients and by charging each client according to the amount of weight lost. The centers earned most of their money from another source, however, recording hefty profits from the sale of private-label food, which Nutri/System clients were obliged to purchase at least five times a week.
Mission: Nutrisystem will help you transform your life inside and out with a personalized weight management experience that’s effective, simple to follow, and made just for you.
The Children’s Place.
We have achieved our success on the basis of a very simple principle: Trust. Wherever and whenever our customers choose to shop with us, they trust. The Children’s Place and Gymboree to provide quality, value, and style.
The Children’s Place was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1969 by David Pulver and Clinton Clark. They began by selling toys, apparel and accessories before deciding that apparel had the most growth potential. In 2019, The Children’s Place purchased the rights to the Gymboree brand and in early 2020, launched product in select stores and online. This iconic brand features colorful designs in playful, bow-to-toe collections that celebrate childhood and help families look their best for any occasion. Together, these two brands embrace the kids we love and inspire them to live, learn and love their childhood.
Beats (Beats by Dre) is a leading audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Through its family of premium consumer headphones, earphones and speakers, Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. The brand’s continued success helps bring the energy, emotion, and excitement of playback in the recording studio back to the listening experience for music lovers worldwide. Beats was acquired by Apple Inc. in July 2014.
Use the information listed, as well as your own research and original analysis, to assess the brand.
At the end of the template, you will present a new or better positioning statement and motto for the selected brand.
Submit the completed template by clicking the title to this assignment.
Formatting Requirements
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course outcome associated with this assignment is:
Develop a positioning statement and motto for a brand.