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I’m looking for a comprehensive study guide as well as practice tests for my Beg

I’m looking for a comprehensive study guide as well as practice tests for my Beginning French class that i’m retaking! It’s based on the Person Book “En Avant” Chapters 1-3 and it can be less then the pages asked! As long as it’s through and gets the job done! Some things to keep in mind: I have ADHD and the executive dysfunction is real! so if you could make the review not as painful as it seems that’d be swell!

Needs to be 8-9 pages double spaced. This is a final paper, it needs to consist

Needs to be 8-9 pages double spaced. This is a final paper, it needs to consist of interviews, scholarly sources, and personal findings on how fashion is affected by social media and how editing apps like facetune, photoshopping. Using images (I will attach images talked about later but please let me know what the images are) to talk about and quotes to back up thoughts and essay information. Using archive and historal information in essay is important I included 3 PDFs to help write this essay! Course/ Final Paper from the syllabus : This course approaches to research as a resource of imaginative and critical inquiry for artists and designers. Students will embark on their own semester-long research project, directly related to their creative practice, which engages visual and narrative history, as well as critical theory. Students will assemble and analyze historical and contemporary information, images, objects, materials, and data of all sorts to compile a collection or “archive” practical for their own use as both researchers and practitioners. Building on skills and projects developed, the Research Seminar will be staged to address and explore the practicalities of historical research. Topics include observation and description as primary research; defining research area(s); identifying research methodologies most useful to a particular subject area; locating appropriate historical sources for the student’s project (these may include photographs, films, primary and secondary literature, archives, and museum exhibits, etc.); posing critical questions about that material or source; developing an artist/designer/project statement; and writing a formal academic research paper developed out of the research conducted over the course of the semester. The identification, collection, and critical examination of historical, critical, and theoretical sources will provide a deeper and broader context for each student’s creative visual and material practice, and for his or her thesis project, specifically. The Fashion inflection explores fashion as object, image, text, practice, theory, and concept. Using a range of interdisciplinary research methods, students will develop a critical understanding of fashion and its manifold global intersections with identities, histories, and cultures. How does fashion speak? What information do we derive from the vast system of material, image, body, history, and site within the social and global sphere? Students will engage with such complexities while interrogating new ways to approach topics such as form, beauty, and sustainability.