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Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies multi-part question and need an e

Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Answer in full sentences, using your own words, smoothly interweaving carefully picked short quotations from the textbook/other sources in support. Aim to be both precise AND concise.Use no more than between 4 and 6 sentences for each answer. Get to the point quickly. Do not ramble or beat about the bush. The very first sentence should hit the nail on the head. The last should create closure. Do not exceed the 6 sentence limit, but also do not try to answer in a single sentence. Be thorough. But also succinct. Quotations should be short quotations. Include the concepts included in the questions in your answers. Place those concepts in the subject position of your sentences, e.g.“Act-Utilitarianism differs from Rule-Utilitarianism in that it focuses on. . .” I would advise drafting and revising your answers several times (at least 3 times–more is even better).Use quotations to bring well-chosen keywords and key concepts into your sentences. (Tip: Vaughn generally flags these keywords and key concepts by use of bold text or italics.) Use MLA style integrated quotations to achieve this goal. Use a signal phrase for each quotation.Make sure that you use the correct names for the theories/concepts you write about, as well as for the philosophers associated with those theories and concepts. And keep this in mind: if you quote the actual philosophers themselves (using the original words of those philosophers, as cited by Vaughn in the textbook), then make sure you make it absolutely clear that you are quoting, for example, Mill or Kant or Hobbes, and NOT Vaughn himself. This is the way to do this:
Requirements: each q 4 to 6 sentence