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“Belonging” is the overarching theme of Week 7’s materials. Michele Wallace navi

“Belonging” is the overarching theme of Week 7’s materials. Michele Wallace navigates her perspectives of belonging within Black racial consciousness and Black feminist circles. The late, great bell hooks analyzes belonging in relation to mainstream (white) feminist theory and praxis (practice). Author Toni Morrison often complicates various explorations of belonging in community, family, and self through her novels, which she discusses at length in the video interview in the Week 7 folder. What are some points at which you see the perspectives of these three women meeting/connecting across their discussions, particularly as they regard Black women?

The rules are designed to reflect real world dynamics aswell as keep the playing

The rules are designed to reflect real world dynamics aswell as keep the playing field level. 
1.       Purchasea car.  You must screen shoot theadvertised car and the advertised price PLUS 10% is the initial purchase priceof the car.  NO SALVAGE TITLE cars areallowed to be bought.  Assume you willfinance the whole purchase at 6.5% financing. There are plenty of good sites for this such as Cargurus, Vroom,Carvana, etc.  The screenshot mustinclude Sales Price, Mileage, Trim model, and vehicle history.  The Car cannot have an accident on itsvehicle history.  Car must be purchasedwithin 50 miles of White Plains (New York).
2.      Cash flow projection for 5 years.  As the car gets older theoretically theincome becomes less however I am going to assume inflation will offsetthat.  Mileage assumption per year is16k.  So for 5 years you will add 80kmiles to the car.  Therefore, your annualincome will be the same for 5 years.  TuroCalculator use Fort Lee NJ Price.
3.      You must give a Net Present Value on thisinvestment.  Your terminal value will  be huge determining factor on how much theinvestment ultimately yields.   The Kelley Blue Book value projected age willbe your reference.  Your trim and optionlevel MUST match the car roughly for Kelly Blue Book Valuation and forcondition you will pick GOOD.  Now wehave to project how much a car you have today will be worth 5 years fromnow.  No one can exactly predict thefuture so you will have to do a projection based on that cars age when you dosell it after 5 years. For instance if you purchase today (Feb 2022) a 2016Merc C300 4 matic sedan, you will sell the car Feb 2027.  At that time the car will then be 11 yearsold.  So go to Kelly Blue Book and findthe value of the 11 year old version of the car today with the mileageassumptions of another 80k miles from when you bought the car.  You will find that the resale value is a hugecomponent of the cars true cost of ownership. So choose the car wisely. 
4.      Turo has lots of good tools to help you find agood car to buy for return on investment. However, ROI is not a NPV analysis and it is the NPV analysis.

From these three questions, please select ONE to answer in your paper. What is a

From these three questions, please select ONE to answer in your paper.
What is a moral panic? Define and describe the five features of a moral panic outlined by Good and Ben-Yehuda from the readings, and apply these features and the concept of a moral panic to the phenomenon of school shootings?
Explain the main principles of the consensus and conflict perspective of criminology? What are its strengths and weakness? Which one do you think is more persuasive and why? 
Select three of Peels Principles of Policing that you think are most relevant to modern day policing in British Columbia? Discuss each of the three principles you selected, the meaning of the principles, and why you think these principles are important and relevant to the police and the communities they serve.
This thought paper must be between 2 3 double spaced pages (500 750 words), not including the cover page and reference page. This thought paper will be evaluated on: (1) the relevance of your essay to the assignment; (2) the clear and logical expression of your ideas; (3) arguments that are well presented and supported; and (4) the overall quality of your essay, proper citations and bibliography, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Some helpful hints include: (1) Make sure that you fully explain an idea; (2) Avoid generalizations or broad sweeping statements without providing adequate support or evidence; (3) Avoid discussing issues that are not relevant to the assignment; (4) Make sure that all your citations and conform to accepted academic standards and that your reference page is consistent with academic standards; and (5) Proofread your paper carefully to make sure that every sentence is clear and makes sense. 
Papers that are not written to a university standard of English will receive a grade of 0. 
Remember to support all your ideas using research and evidence that can be found in the course readings, the learning modules, peer-reviewed journal articles, books, government websites, and research reports.
You need to provide a reference list with at least three sources. You can use the readings from this course as sources.