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8 to 10 pages long not including references, 12 point times new Roman font, doub

8 to 10 pages long not including references, 12 point times new Roman font, double spaced, References page and InTEXT citations
Title page is not required
APA formatting throughout
minimum of five credible sources at least three need to be outside sources
Your paper should be broken down as such introduction
topic crime/criminal they should take up no more than 1 to 1 1/2 pages
Theory this should take up no more than 2 to 3 pages
Analysis this will comprise the bulk of your paper greater than 50%

According to Howell and Griffiths (2019), “Between 1996 and 2009, the average nu

According to Howell and Griffiths (2019), “Between 1996 and 2009, the average number of active gangs
ranged from a low of 16.73 (in 2005) to a high of 23.33 (in 2001) across all [U.S.] jurisdictions. However,
the very largest [U.S.] cities report the greatest number of different gangs, on average. Moreover, trends
in the average number of gangs reported by law enforcement vary by city-size … The very largest [U.S.]
cities are also home to greatest number of active gang members” (pp. 219-220).
For this assignment, you are asked to investigate street gangs in one of the 100 largest cities in the
United States except for New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Students may not select one of top 3
largest U.S. cities because they are highlighted throughout the required textbook for the course. Also,
the communities reviewed in Chapter 8 of Gangs in America’s Communities are also off limits. These
include Abilene, TX, Boise, ID, Springfield, MA, Paterson, NJ, and Inglewood, CA. Please see the
supplementary Excel file from the U.S. Census that enumerates the 100 largest U.S. cities and claim one
on the Discussion Board by 11:59 PM on Friday, February 25, 2022. Students are not allowed to select
the same U.S. city for their Course Project. It is first come, first claim. There are two parts to the Course
Project for CJCR-3230.
Part I: City Profile
When writing up the City Profile, please consult the supplementary document, “Social/Community
Profile Indicators” by T.L. Whitehead, Ph.D. Your description of the city under investigation should
include the following EICCARS Social/Community Profiles arranged as profile subsections in your project:
1. Geographic Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #1)
2. Historical Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #16)
3. Demographic Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #2)
4. Economic Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #3)
5. Educational Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #4)
6. Housing or Human Ecology Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profile #5)
7. Cultural Profile (EICCARS Social/Community Profiles 11 & 13)
Each of the previous subsections should range between one-half and one typed page for a total of 4-7
pages; please do not exceed 8 double-spaced typed pages for Part I of the Course Project. The Course
Project must be formatted to the guidelines of a student paper in the American Psychological
Association’s Publication Manual (7th edition).

Teachers’ instruction- We have covered a lot of issues related to law enforcemen

Teachers’ instruction- We have covered a lot of issues related to law enforcement in this class from its early evolution to current ethical and legal challenges. As an educated policing scholar, you have been asked to respond to any one of the following issues on the future of policing. which I picked:
Future structuring, understanding, and implementation of public-safety measures in a society that is not victimized by, but rather is the beneficiary of, its police.
My instructions: I know it is hard to know what all we covered during the semester, if needed use the internet, textbooks, newspapers, books, anything that will help you get the point across. She wants to see a good understanding of that subject its not really a question.

Format of Paper: Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Literature Review (Each sour

Format of Paper:
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Literature Review (Each source/reference used is basically summarized in this section about what was discussed in that particular article, journal, or book)
Section 3. How often is selective incapacitation used in the court system?
Section 4: Reliability of selective incapacitation
Section 5. Recent changes in how selective incapacitation is presented in court
a) xxxxx
c) xxxxx
Section 6. Conclusion
Section 7. Reference Page
References must be peer-reviewed, and scholarly. At least 5 references
In Section 5, each subtitle will be a recent change in how selective incapacitation is presented. Then you discuss the recent change. There have to be at least 3 recent changes discussed.

Each student will complete a written five (5) page Research Paper. The student w

Each student will complete a written five (5) page Research Paper. The student will submit a research paper that discusses a fingerprint detection method utilized as the PRIMARY evidentiary material in a court case –> Brandon Mayfield case Madrid Train Bombing
The completed research paper will include the following:
 Use 12-point font, double-spaced format, and one-inch margins throughout the paper.
 Length should be approximately five (5) pages long (this does not include your title page or
 Paper will include a header (i.e., the shortened title of paper and page number).
 APA regulations require a reference page including all references ascribed to in paper; properly cite
the sources both in the body of the paper and on a separate “References” page.
 Paper must include two (2) scholarly references (i.e., peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles) AS
WELL AS one (1) textbook

DO NOT INCLUDE ABSTRACT/ OR COVER PAGE Please answer the following questions W

Please answer the following questions
What was the study about? –
What is the research question they are attempting to answer? –
What are some of the important variables?
What is the general population that the article is looking at and what sampling method do they use for their representative sample?
– Is there anything wrong with how they obtained their respondents?
– Were there any limitations in terms of sampling?
Does their survey have face and content validity? Why or why not?
– Is there anything wrong with how the survey was administered?
– Does the article state limits or discuss any ethical issues to using a survey on these respondents?
– Did the findings support or contradict the research question?
– What were some of the strengths and limitations discussed in the studies findings?
– How would you improve this study, if necessary?
For your individual study analysis, you will be reading, analyzing, and critiquing a criminal justice article that has been provided to you. Upon doing so, will be able to apply what they have learned in class by answering the questions. In regard to the “overall paper presentation,” it stipulates how I will be analyzing and/or grading the assignment.
The purpose of this assignment is to help foster critical thinking skills, develop professional writing skills and promote students to be better consumers of research in their perspective fields. Please feel free to incorporate material from your textbook to further support your responses.
Assignment Parameters:
For this assignment, you are to answer the following questions. In doing so, will submit a properly formatted paper including the following parameters:
APA Format – For exampes of APA formatting, please click on the following:

Mandatory Requirements: 1. The paper must be 2 pages in length-nothing less and

Mandatory Requirements:
1. The paper must be 2 pages in length-nothing less and the title page does not count as one
2. Must be APA format
3. No abstract is required for this paper. A Title page is required to include-Your Name,
Course, Date, and the two episodes you chose
4. The paper must be numbered
5. Do not need a running header other than page number
6. The paper must be 12 points font-single spaced
See video link in week 12 for even more clarification
1. Visit
2. Do not use one long paragraph-must be broken into below sections:
3. Begin with an Intro paragraph that discusses the history and background of Ear Hustle
4. The body of the essay needs to have a paragraph or two for each episode at minimum explaining the
details of the episode/issue/topic
(LISTEN to the tab on the top menu and use arrow buttons to see all episodes for each season
and choose from the titles/descriptions that you find most interesting)
5. The body of the essay will then have a paragraph comparing the two episodes you chose
6. The conclusion will wrap up your findings and give your opinion/thoughts/reactions to
what you researched
7. This is a scholarly paper- use proper grammar and punctuation
For this short essay of no less than 2 pages, you will visit the Ear Hustle Website and choose
two Podcasts to listen to in their entirety and then write an opinion piece explaining and
comparing the two. You will need to follow the instructions and mandatory expectations below
for full credit.
There are 9 seasons of the Ear Hustle Podcast for you to choose from. Three from strictly
behind the walls of San Quentin Prison in California and six from both inside and outside.
You will choose 1 from each type to compare (so seasons 1-3 for inside and seasons 4-9 for
both). The point of choosing one from each is to compare and contrast those behind bars
stories and issues to those of recently released stories and issues post-release which are both
points we discuss throughout the course.
This course discusses Current Issues in our corrections systems and this podcast touches on
important issues in and out of the system. We have discussed points made on issues while
incarcerated the struggle after release and the “Revolving Door”.

Read the article attached before responding to the exam question, Serving our co

Read the article attached before responding to the exam question, Serving our country to
serving time: The rise and value of veteran treatment courts.
Compose an essay in a minimum of 500-700
words, excluding the references, which is supported by a minimum of three (3)
current, scholarly sources in which the in-text citations and references are
formatted to APA – 7th edition. Direct quotes cannot be used. Instead,
paraphrase and cite.
There is obviously tremendous value in the
establishment of veteran treatment courts, especially among those diagnosed
with PTSD and/or a traumatic brain injury. Is there a need to create
“First Responder Courts” given that many first responders, including
those in law enforcement and corrections, suffering from depression, anxiety,
and PTSD leading to many dying by suicide. Develop a persuasive argument both
for and against the establishment of first responder courts.

CJ201-Introduction to Criminal Justice Essay 3: Discrimination and Disparities

CJ201-Introduction to Criminal Justice
Essay 3: Discrimination and Disparities
The criminal justice system serves to prevent criminal acts, identify and apprehend those who
commit criminal acts when prevention has failed, and ensure justice to all parties involved
through fair court processes that result in adjudication. Schmalleger sums all this up in a theme
of maintaining public order while protecting individual rights of all citizens—to include the
accused and guilty. The system is deemed a consensus model in which each facet of the system
functions with the understanding that the others strive to attain the same goal as it. That goal is
ultimately the deterrence and prevention of crime through the effectiveness of the system. A key
element to the effectiveness of this system in those scenarios where criminal acts have occurred
is criminal sentencing. Modern Sentencing practices are said to both rehabilitate offenders and
deter offenses by others, while also ensuring that all parties are treated equally and fairly to the
end of justice. Over time, though, it has become apparent that sentencing does not always give
the appearance of fairness and equity. Disparities in sentencing practices and outcomes have
been noted amongst various socioeconomic classes, genders, and races.
Disparities, while noted across the same lines as those seen in discriminatory acts, are not always
the result of discrimination. In this essay, you are to address the differences between disparity in
outcome and overt discriminatory practices. In turn, you will need to address how disparities
might arise out of means other than discrimination. Then you must discuss the various
sentencing structures used in the United States (mandatory, determinate, indeterminate, and
presumptive) as well as the various political, cultural, and policy-based impetuses for these. You
will also need to address any disparities in sentencing practices and outcomes that may come
from each of these structures and why they may be inherent in that structure. Finally, you must
address how these structures may or may not ensure fairness and equity in justice despite noted
Take note that this is not an essay of emotion or agenda. This is an opportunity to academically
and critically evaluate a criminal justice process. You must logically, competently, and validly
justify your assertions using sources other than your own perception, media and social media,
and the course text. In this assignment you must answer four questions.
1. What is the difference between disparities and overt discrimination?
2. How do disparities in justice treatmentu arise and occur?
3. What are the various sentencing structures employed in United States sentencing
4. How might these structures inherently lend to disparities by means other than discrimination
5. How do each of these structures lend to or not lend to, fairness and equity in justice?
This essay must be at least two pages in length but there is no maximum length. The essay must
be typed in accordance with standards outlined in the course syllabus, to include all APA
formatting guidelines. You should have at least three academic sources, and the textbook may
be one.
All essays must be submitted to Canvas by 12:30 PM on April 28, 2022. The link for Canvas
submission will close at 8am on the due date and you will not be able to submit it late. If it is not
submitted on time, you will be subject to the penalties noted in the syllabus without fail.
Essays will be scored according to the rubric noted in Canvas. This rubric will further guide you in what is expected of the content of your essay