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Required Textbooks: Proactive Police Management, Latest Edition: Edward A. Thiba

Required Textbooks:
Proactive Police Management, Latest Edition: Edward A. Thibault, Lawrence M. Lynch, Bruce R. McBride, and Gregory Walsh. Prentice Hall. IBSN: 9780133598438
Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices, Latest Edition: L. Charles Smeby. Jones & Bartlett Learning. IBSN: 9781449605834
·  Discuss traditional police patrol assumptions
·  Discuss the changing concept of crime prevention
·  Discuss the history of criminal investigations
·  Discuss the pro and cons of using “red light” cameras to enforce traffic laws

Answer the questions below. Submission should include a title page and a referen

Answer the questions below. Submission should include a title page and a reference page. Your paper should be written according to APA standards.
Local Police Management
·      What important findings came from the Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment?
·      What is the importance of involving the community in crime prevention efforts?
·      What are the three goals of criminal investigation?
·      What are the objectives of traffic law enforcement?
Managing Fire Rescue Services:
·      What are the advantages and disadvantages of fire/EMS personnel working 24 hour shifts?
·      How do time and money effect the nation’s volunteer fire/EMS departments?
·      What are mechanisms for funding apparatus and emergency vehicles?

This Competency Assessment assesses the following learning competency/competenci

This Competency Assessment assesses the following learning competency/competencies:
LS311-4 – Analyze the remedies for Breach of Contract
Candie Cardigan as a representative for CARDWARE has decided to auction her strapless giraffe print dress made of silk, satin with velvet markings. This particular dress was used in a movie filmed in S. Africa. The dress had been show cased among other famous dresses in the Silkadonia Actors Guild Museum. Cassie Cardigan was chosen to act as the auctioneer for World Wide Auction House. The bidding for the dress began at $5,000. Pearl has been looking forward to participating in the auction for this dress for over three months. Pearl raised her auction paddle and bid the initial $5,000. Jade also wanted the giraffe print dress and upped the ante to $5,500. The two battled the bidding to where it appeared that Pearl got the dress for $8,500.00, as Cassie smiled and nodded at Pearl.
Candie and Jade had been friends for years, as they had modeled together growing up as children. Candie quietly told Cassie to sell the dress to Jade. When Pearl presented $8,500 to Cassie, Cassie refused to take her money claiming that the dress was to go to Jade. Cassie further explained that Jade had allegedly had raised her paddle after Pearl’s final bid and showed five fingers meaning that she was bidding $500.00 more over the $8,500.00 bid made by Pearl. In reality, no such action by Jade had taken place.
Pearl now wants to sue for breach of contract. She has come to your office asking for your help. She wants you to request that Candie turn the dress over to her for the $8,500 that she bid. Your supervising attorney Les Agne indicates that you should investigate a cause of action for breach of contract, as well as a cause of action based on specific performance. Be aware of whom the true Plaintiff may be in this potential case and who causes of action may be brought against. Also, Les has scribbled the following notes to help you with organizing your thoughts regarding Specific Performance.
Dear Paralegal:
After you establish a contract exists as a result of the auctioning of the giraffe print dress, you may want to consider the following with regard to specific performance:
You must have a contract in place
The remedy at law must not be adequate (hence damages alone will not provide relief to the party who is seeking specific performance.
The remedy must be enforceable
If one party can bring the action for specific performance, so can the other if the positions were reversed.
If there were any conditions to the contract, all were satisfied.
Be sure to discuss defenses with regard to the contract. In other words, what will Candie or the Auction House say in response to there being a contract?
Assignment Instructions:
Please write me a memorandum in the following format:
To: Les Agne, Attorney at law
From: [Your Name]
Re: Potential Causes of Action for Breach of Contract and Specific Performance
Organize your memorandum with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Note: Your memorandum length of 2–3 pages is separate from the cover sheet and reference page.
Keep all font color consistent throughout. If a blue hyperlink appears, remove it by hovering over it and right click. A vertical dropdown menu will appear. Click on Remove Hyperlink.
Avoid the use of first person.
Provide in-text citations. If a reference is listed in your reference page, make sure it is displayed within your submission where you retrieved information from.
Provide hanging indents where needed.
Double space throughout your submission, including throughout your reference page. Note: This includes between your references.
Your reference page should be separate from the body of your submission.
Use Times New Roman size 12 font.
Provide an APA formatted cover sheet.

MT302M5-5: Examine the role of the communication and leadership process in relat

MT302M5-5: Examine the role of the communication and leadership process in relationship to employee effectiveness.
Read the scenario provided below concerning the communication and leadership processes used that impact employees’ effectiveness.
Leadership in Flux
Scenario (fictional):
Measures and Weights Inc. (MW) is a manufacturing company that produces all types of weighing and measuring instruments for a host of different industries worldwide. One hundred employees are divided between manufacturing and sales representatives, with about 20 staff assigned to managerial/administrative positions in the various departments. About 2 months ago, the head of production, Tom (in his job for the last 3 years), was in a meeting with several members of his staff when the following conversation occurred:
Production manager Tom says at the end of a half-hour meeting to review the last month’s production schedule results: “Does anyone have anything to add concerning operations today?”
Production employee Helena: “Well, we are starting to have some real problems in production because some of our vendors are late in supplying us with essential materials, and as a result, many of our orders have been late in getting to clients. Someone needs to speak with our vendors right away!”
Production manager Tom: “Anyone else have that problem?” (He waits for 3 seconds for any response and then continues.) “Thanks everyone, I guess that wraps up this meeting. Now back to work!”
After a week, the production manager began to receive reports from the database system. Many final products were being held off the assembly line due to late vendor materials delivery. Customer complaints now had gotten to the critical point, and executive management had been alerted.
The production manager had a special meeting of his department that same day and admonished the production team, saying: “It is your responsibility to see that these products are produced based on order due dates. If there is a problem, you are to contact me. I hold you all responsible for this lapse in reporting this problem. Soon, I will decide who is responsible and who will be working with me to resolve this issue.”
Production employee Helena just looked at her colleagues and said: “But boss, I did bring this up at the last meeting.”
Production manager Tom responded: “Well if there was a problem as important as this one, you should have sent a follow-up memo to everyone. Someone will have a report submitted to their personnel file and a bad quarterly performance review as well for this oversight!” Then he adjourned the meeting.
Production employee Helena speaking to another employee, Zara, after the meeting: “I absolutely should not be blamed for this; I told him there was a problem. I am going to lodge a complaint with the human resources department right away and consider whether I will stay with the company.”
Quality control specialist Zara responded: “I might be joining you. Who can work for a boss like this?”
Checklist: Respond to the following items regarding the scenario:
1. Analyze the problems at this company as portrayed in the scenario.
2. Describe the leadership style demonstrated by the manager.
3. Name the leadership style.
4. Define the leadership style.
5. Explain why you chose this leadership style.
6. Explain the aspects of the leadership process that the manager neglected.
7. Describe the steps in the communication process.
8 .Describe the steps of the communication process that were not addressed or completed.
9. Explain how the communication steps were not completed or addressed.
10. Examine and explain how the manager could have used the communication and leadership process to (1) build a better relationship with the employees in his department and (2) make employees more effective on the job.
Submit your 2- to 3-page expository essay with additional title and reference pages in APA format and citation style to the competency assessment Dropbox.

Please compose a 750-1000 word, typed, 12-point font double spaced paper with 1”

Please compose a 750-1000 word, typed, 12-point font double spaced paper with 1” margins that
answers the following questions:
1. Each moment in our life we have the ability to make a choice as to how we will think,react, etc. At the time of this incident, what actions could you have taken differently in order to prevent cheating/plagiarizing/unauthorized collaboration on this assignment and the negative results that have stemmed from this incident?
2. As a student, you are part of a campus culture that encourages students committing to acting with honor in all aspects of campus life. This includes acting with integrity with original academic work.” What does acting with integrity mean to you as a college
student? What does it mean as a future professional within your field?
3. How will this incident affect your behavior and commitment to integrity moving

This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome: MT302M4-4: Apply team

This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome:
MT302M4-4: Apply teamwork concepts to an organizational problem.
PC-1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.
motivation, groups, and teams.
Applying Teamwork
Scenario (fictional):
Alternative Energy and Security (AE&S) Inc. is a very profitable, relatively new company. Although in business just three years, it has already doubled the size of its workforce and quadrupled its profits. The CEO/founder has stepped aside recently in favor of a new CEO in the wake of employees’ frustration and social media messages about the benefits inequity and lack of motivation for teams at the company. The new CEO wants to change how worker salaries are determined and find ways to motivate the project teams. The project teams typically are assigned to create and launch and then maintain a new energy or security product, such as a security robot that performs routine tasks at a plant or in an office environment or a new type of solar panel.
The new CEO tasks your five-person employee team with determining a general proposed solution to the inequity in pay/benefits at the company and to address the current lack of motivation for some of the employees. There are 125 employees, including seven executives/managers and 118 services and development personnel (of which 60 are software technicians) who work in project teams as assigned. Each software technician receives $120,000 per year. The customer service and all other full-time staff, including marketing personnel, receive 38,000 per year with the exceptions of the energy salespeople who make $50,000 per year, and the security salespeople who make $40,500 per year. The executives, including the CEO and two vice presidents (VPs of manufacturing and finance), receive $700,000 per year. The software engineering manager, sales/marketing manager, customer service manager (your role in this scenario), and installation services manager each receive $70,000 per year.
Your five-person scenario team consists of a software engineer, two salespersons, the installation manager, and you as the customer service manager.
Review your team’s input that’s attached.
1. Describe the problems based on the scenario.
2. Describe the overall goal(s) and objectives of your assigned team.
3. Describe the tasks necessary to successfully respond to the new CEO, allocating tasks for each member.
4. Provide a proposed overall salary/benefits solution and provide your team’s reasoning. Support the solution with a short citation from two scholarly* articles (citations and references in APA format).
5. Apply at least two teamwork concepts and at least six team process steps  for improving the company project team effectiveness and motivation at AE&S Inc. to address the assigned response to the CEO.
6. Explain how you, in the role of a team member, contributed to the employees’ team success to address the CEO’s concerns.
This assessment should be an 8-slide PowerPoint (4–5 bulleted points per slide) with additional title and reference slides, in 24-point font, with either:
Present a Presentation without audio but with speaker notes below each slide.
Refers: Organizational behavior
Chapter 8: “Motivation: From Concepts to Applications,” which addresses motivation theories and how designing jobs using motivation concepts and using benefits and rewards can impact employee involvement and performance.
Chapter 9: “Foundations of Group Behavior,” which covers stages of group development and group norms and roles, as well as group decision-making.
Chapter 10: “Understanding Work Teams.” This chapter examines the different types of teams and how to create effective work teams.
Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational behavior (18th ed.). Pearson.planations of the bulleted points should be placed below each slide in the notes section. The bulleted points should be explained in the audio and notes and be audible, intelligible, and professional.
Provide additional title and reference slides, and be sure to check your presentation for correct spelling and grammar.
The presentation should be titled M4Team_Assessment and be submitted to the competency assessment Dropbox.
Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental.

The attached reading is required to complete assignment. There are 6 questions t

The attached reading is required to complete assignment. There are 6 questions that will need to be answered that can be found at the end of the reading.. Read and study the case and address each of the questions at the end of the study. In addressing each of the questions, create a Power Point presentation to include the following:
– Problem
– Identify and describe alternative solutions
– Justify your recommendations for EACH question
1. Make a diagram showing the supply chain configuration of Tehindo as well as the
flow of products and information within the supply chain.
2. Compare the bottled Goteh and Fteh in terms of challenges in managing their supply
chain processes.
Table 2 Comparison of Fteh Sales in the East Java Region through Modern
Market Outlets vs. Total Sales for 2006
Fteh Flavors Annual sales through modern markets
Annual sales total for
East Java
APP 17,512 41,222
LMN 9,994 18,900
STR 11,525 30,085
GVA 15,404 35,425
ORG 8,764 26,125
BLC 13,612 33,852
FSN 8,915 37,405
BLS 7,007 35,240
XTR 10,685 41,436
Case 29 Managing Supply Chain Complexity in a Tea Manufacturing Company 225
3. Discuss the causes of temporary demand (and order) increases in this supply chain.
4. If you were the supply chain manager of this company, what would be your suggestions in the second meeting?
5. How does information distortion happen in this supply chain, and what would be
your suggestions to reduce it?
6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration and outsourcing for TEHINDO

The purpose of the final paper is to undertake a more in-depth research project,

The purpose of the final paper is to undertake a more in-depth research project,. The paper should be
based on a topic on the syllabus (or closely related), but should not be identical to the
class topics that you or anyone in your group has written about in your shorter 5-6 page
papers. You can cover a related topic i.e. if you wrote a 5-page paper on SR and
Walmart, you could do a final that looks at CSR/ESG and another sector or issue, such as
offshore clothing and sweatshops, or standards and labeling in global value chains. On
climate change, you could look at climate adaptation, insurance, and how cities are
The topics need to relate to the course, e.g. diversity, environmental issues, trends in
work and technology (e.g. the gig economy) etc. Your paper should draw from at least
two of the conceptual frameworks – market failures, SR/ESG, corporate power, trade
and national competitiveness (including business clusters), and corporate strategies in
facing social pressures.
You need to conduct further research (5-6 sources, including longer reports and academic
The guideline questions help you to be analytical, so that in addressing them, you have to
provide analysis, arguments and data and information from sources. E.g. What is
happening? Why? What are the implications? What are the opposing views? What can
we (the company, the public/consumers, activists, or the government) do about it? An
analytical paper draws from a conceptual framework to make logical arguments to
address a question. Try to make causal linkages clcar e.g. how tragedy of the commons*
leads to excessive greenhouse gas emissions.
Try to avoid wishful thinking e.g. there is no point in saying companies should treat their
workers better’ or *consumers should cut their emissions?
It we need to analyze why
various actors behave the way they do, and consider what policies, incentives, or new
business models might change things.
The final paper should be double-spaced, 12 point font, and use appropriate formatting
and citations.  The paper needs to be well
This should be a well-structured paper with good English. You need to research the topic
in more depth and explore the issue from at least two conceptual standpoints, e.g. market
failures, SR and stakeholders, the role of corporate power, or role of technology and
globalization. You will find that at least two of these conceptual frames can be applied to
the various topics.
It is important is that you do not just write up everything that you find on the issue – a
*data dump”; instead, you need to organize the information conceptually using analytical
tools and concepts, and illustrate briefly with relevant data and examples. Explore the
different sides of the issue, make clear and coherent analytical arguments, try to be
balanced, but you tan come down on one side or another if you want. Try to avoid vague
generalities, but also avoid lots of descriptive details without making your point clear. Be
concise and clear.
Citation format:
Citation format is APA style, which uses short (author, year) references in the body of the
text, with a full citation at the end of the paper. For example, as Levy (1997: 12) put it,
the relationship between business and society is essentially political” (Indicate page
numbers when you include a direct quote). Or mention an idea or a statistic, and then put
the author and year in brackets (Levy, 1997). Do not cite the textbook for general ideas,
only for specific facts. Avoid the use of footnotes: