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Memo to Judge

Rights of persons is addressed in the Fifth Amendment. Write a 1-page memo to a judge outlining the impact of the court case Miranda v. Arizona as it relates to self-incrimination. In the memo, outline the key constitutional issues that were addressed.

BLUEBOOK standards for legal formatting and citation should be adhered to in this assignment.

Legal tone and language should be used.

elected constitutional sheriff model in california violates the supremacy and equal protection clauses of the US Constitution

I am writing a capstone project for a masters degree in legal studies and I need a legal analysis that surveys law review articles and caselaw and analyzes the issues of an elected constitutional sheriff in california related to the supremacy clause of the US constitution and the equal protection clause of the US constitution. I have attached my research proposal and preliminary literature review. The CA Attorney General issued an opinion saying that County Boards of Supervisors have absolutely no power over elected sheriffs, other than setting their budgets. This is problematic because the Board, as the policy-maker can’t control the way the Sheriff implements any non-mandated programs. I have attached my CLAP proposal,which outlines the project, along with a literature review and a list of some cases. Also attached is a paper I wrote related to the topic. I especially need a strong legal anaysis section. 

Discussion Thread: Reading Comprehension Expounded reply


You must post a reply of at least 200 – 250 words by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the assigned Module.  

For the reply, it must incorporate at least 1 scholarly citation in Bluebook format. Biblical integration must be evident in threads and replies. Factually correct references to assigned textbook readings, presentations, and references must be used to support comments.

Discussion topic to reply too:

Health Law – Discussion Thread: Medicare Reimbursement- Reply to 2 classmates


Please read instructions below….

********Review the information that the authors have presented on pages 479- 491 regarding how hospitals are paid, specifically noting reimbursement under the Medicare Part A program, and review the problem that the authors have presented on page 491.

You are in-house counsel for a hospital that is losing money and the hospitals CEO has asked you to come up with ways to improve Medicare reimbursement under the PPS system. Discuss 2 strategies that could be used to improve reimbursement. (There are some suggestions in the problem.) Discuss 2 ways you might go about lowering the cost of treating Medicare patients.

For eachthread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarlycitations in Bluebook 

citation format.  Any sources cited must havebeen published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include thetextbook, the Bible, scholarly articles, etc.

***Textbook – Furrow et al Health Law 

Abridged 8th edition  ISBN978-1-68328-911-1 *****


Reflection – migration

a reflection paper,

– present the importantargument(s) you could follow in the reading and describe how the author(s)discussed this argument through presenting your analysis and discussion of theauthor(s)’ work. The creative reflection must end with challenging question(s).