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Part 1: Watch Cave of forgotten dreams.

Part 1: Watch Cave of forgotten dreams.

What are your thoughts or impressions on anything about the movie?
Part 2: Watch Nanook of the north

What point-of-view does Robert Flaherty adopt in Nanook of the North and what are its implications?
Considering what you saw in the movie and have learned about in Flaherty’s making of it – casting the film, using reenactments, questionable ethical decisions, etc. – would you consider Nanook of the North to be a truthful document? Explain why or why not.

For your final paper, consider the readings and film selections in the course. W

For your final paper, consider the readings and film selections in the course. Write a 3 page paper on what is history viewed through the cinematic lens by describing and providing examples from the readings and films. Discuss what are the benefits of learning history through films and other visual mediums.
Your paper should include citations from the readings and examples from films we have watched in the course as well as other films you may have seen reflecting  a key part of American history.
Questions to consider:
1. What is history? Why is it important? (aside from dooming to repeat it)
2. What are significant elements of the idea of America? (i.e. pursuit of happiness, hard work, etc)

Compare and analysis two films Main focus:1.  the similarity of two films. 2. Gl

Compare and analysis two films
Main focus:1.  the similarity of two films. 2. Global and local relationship. 3. Find evidence about the director. 4. Analysis the film language
Two Movies: A Confucian Confusion ( Dir, Edward Yang, 1994).
Mahjong ( Dir, Edward Yang, 1996)
Paper Content: 
• Your paper must be written in your own words and based on your own research findings; plagiarism, plot summary, or paraphrase of a secondary source will not be tolerated.   
• Please write a cogent essay in which you begin by stating a problematic (thesis), then go on to identify theme(s) or text(s) you plan to analyze or compare, to examine textual evidence in detail to support your argument, to draw on current scholarships, and to conclude with your original insights. 
• While important to review major findings in the field, you should demonstrate
your critical capacity by engaging the experts and sustaining your own line of
arguments between primary and secondary sources.
Paper Format: 
• Your paper must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margin on all four sides
of the page. 
• Please staple your 5-6 pages of text followed by a works cited page. You should proof-read  your  writing  carefully,  making  sure  that  there  are  no  spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. 
Also, Please use at least 3 outside sources to illustrate the paper.
Below are all the things you can compare:
Language: Taiwanese or Japanese vs Mandarin in the transitional period of resinfication
Plotting: multiple narrative Voices and Decentering
Casting: Established stars vs Common people
Shooting: tunnel vision in Wu vs Yang; Light vs Darkness and shadow
Setting: arch/corridor/door/frame/gateway or threshold/wall/window
Marriage and Confucian family values
Building and ambience: Japanese baroque vs. modern skyscraper