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Write this only after reading Jowitt’s essay “Beyond Description, Writing Beneat

Write this only after reading Jowitt’s essay “Beyond Description, Writing Beneath the Surface.”
250 words: strict. (Your name, course number, title, etc. are not included in this count.)
This is a very short essay, which means I expect every sentence to attend to the requirements of the essay as a whole.
I suggest you write beyond the word count, then pare down to the essence of what you want to communicate.
Richly describe an early movement experience. This can be any movement moment(s) in your life before age 15. This might be a memory of falling while running, or of the feeling of kicking a ball, or the experience of swimming in a particular place, or being held by a family member… Write from your own direct experience. Be specific. Make the reader feel the moment and the movement. Go for deep description. Write beautiful sentences.
Although this is not a thesis essay, do take your reader on a journey. Be attentive to how you open and how you leave the reader. Be creative.
Write as you want the reader to receive your experience while adhering to formal writing. You do not need to format it in a precise MLA or APA format. Instead, be sure to follow common practices of 12 point size, Times New Roman or Helvetica fonts, and common margin size.
You must include a title that invokes the tone and invites the reader in.
Complete sentences only.
Excellent grammar and spelling.
No typos.