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Take a look at the following campaign run at Boston University by students for s

Take a look at the following campaign run at Boston University by students for students: .
The campaign is now inactive, but check out the resources it prepared
under the “Covid-19 Resources” link in top right of website an
Explain in 200-300 words why you think this might work well or not in terms of the science of persuasion.

This is an individual assessment and any work that strongly resembles another st

is an individual assessment and any work that strongly resembles another
student’s work (either from this semester or previous semesters) will receive a
zero grade in the relevant criteria.
Consumer Research Document
The purpose of Assessment 1 is to demonstrate
your ability to thoroughly investigate the target audience that relates to the
brief. The challenge here is to decide
what information is important and relevant.
This project requires an extensive
amount of work. Each week during the
lecture and in the tutorials, specific sections of this report will be
addressed and explained; therefore, it is vital that students attend lectures
as well as tutorials.
The information that you present in
this assessment must be supported by credible sources (e.g., Roy Morgan data,
Australian Bureau of Statistics data, academic journals, and industry
publications). You will be evaluated on
your ability to research information, to analyse the information and present it
in an easily understandable manner.
Your information is to be presented in
PowerPoint format. You have a maximum of 25 slides provide your research
information (approximately 2,000 words) and it is expected that you will used
graphs and charts to demonstrate large amounts of information.
Your consumer research document
consists of the following.
1.Target Audience analysis (15 marks)
Using information from Roy Morgan
data, ABS, and other credible sources you are to provide a demographic and
psychographic profile of the consumers that you are aiming to reach.
This is your chance to show that you
understand the target audience. Make
sure that you provide an overview of that shows what is important to them? Where do they live? What are their media habits and how will this
influence your media strategy? You will
identify your target audience using psychographic and demographic profiles and
use tools such as Autobiography, A day in the Life and Pictography to
illustrate your target audience. You are to consider the customer path to
purchase and barriers to purchase and how this will impact your media
approach. You will provide details of
this target audience’s media imperatives and explain their media usage. The
ability to analyse the data is important here.
Make sure that you consider the implications of the information rather
than providing information for the sake of it. (Max 15 slides)
2. Product and Market Analysis (5 marks)
In this section you are to provide
relevant research that provides information about the product. You are to
provide a description of the product and the product category and identify key
issues which may influence your media selection and plan. Using Roy Morgan data and other resources you
provide analysis of the product. You are to provide a brief SWOT analysis and
the possible influence of PEST (Political, economic, social and technology).
This information must be based on your research and you must be able to cite where
your findings come from. You are to
indicate the relevant points that may have an influence on your media selection
and plan. (Max 5 slides)
3. Observations and Insights (15 marks)
From the market analysis, product
analysis and target audience analysis you are to provide observations that form
a creative and overarching key insight. You are to consider how this insight
might be used as part of an advertising approach. Does this insight impact your media approach
or your creative options?
This insight is to form the starting
point for your media strategy which will be presented in Week 13. The insight
should be creative and be based on your findings and observation. Make sure you justify why this insight is
relevant to this target audience. Developing creative and relevant insights is
often the area that students find most challenging, so we run a workshop on how
to develop creative insights. (Max 2 slides)
4. Inclusion of evidence (10 marks)
This section is graded on how well you
justify and support your findings across the assessment. Make sure that you don’t just provide
information for no reason. Make sure
that the information that you provide is from credible sources (both academic
and industry sources) and that you reference the source. When grading this section, we are looking at
the variety of sources and the credibility of sources.
5. Presentation (5 marks)
Throughout the document you are
expected to provide data to support your findings and correctly use APA
referencing. You are expected to utilise
graphs and charts to illustrate some of your findings, but they must be
relevant to your insights. Your
PowerPoint deck should contain an introduction, conclusion and reference list.
(Max 3 slides)

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: As a global pandemic ravaged the world in 2020, the Unit

As a global pandemic ravaged the world in 2020, the United States was further confronted
with divisive political and social issues- Black Lives Matter, defunding the police, gender
equality, and LGBTQ+ rights, to name a few. For many years now, companies like Starbucks,
Nike, and Dove have shown support for social issues through product transformations and
renewing public relations efforts, usually through controversial marketing attempts.
However, the increasing demand for corporate responses to heightened social issues has
forced many previously silent companies to finally speak out across their various digital
communication channels. For this assignment, students will explore the success or failures
of a 2020/2021 advertising campaign to better understand how companies can contribute
to transforming social issues, and still cultivate and maintain valuable -and profitable-
consumer relationships.
You will select a current advertising campaign that has been in the marketplace for an
amount of time appropriate for evaluation and analysis. Provide a critical assessment of
the campaign’s success/failure. Each student will write an 8-10 page paper (exclusive of
cover and references) and evaluate the campaign including course material.
 8-10 pages (exclusive of cover and References pages)
o Minimum of 8 sources. A mix of scholarly and marketplace sources is
REQUIRED. Utilize databases, books, and resources available in/through the
library. Since scholarly sources are more credible, they should receive more
attention than marketplace texts. Academic Integrity policies will be strictly
o Required: Cover sheet with your name, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch
o Minimum of 2-3 images: include appropriate examples, screen shots, and
images to highlight and explain the specific points of your analysis.
 Select a current advertising campaign that addresses a social, political, health
and/or economic issue, and provide a critical assessment of its success/failure.
o Research the company, brand, product, and specific campaign thoroughly.
Use marketplace and scholarly sources (both are REQUIRED). Provide a
general overview/understanding of the company, brand, and product that
led to the execution of your selected campaign.
o Position the company in the context of the marketplace. For example, Avis
strategically positioned itself using the “We Try Harder” tagline as the #2
most successful/recognized car rental company. Why? How was that
effective? What other competitors and market factors influence(d) this
o Briefly identify and explain the advertising opportunity/issue/problem that
yielded the campaign and its message. What is the desired target audience?
Is this an integrated campaign? Evaluate the IMC components.
o Analyze the effectiveness of the campaign efforts and draw connections using
5-7 theories, models, and/or overarching key concepts from our class
lessons and readings. Bold and cite these specific connections. Develop your
analysis fully.
 Provide a separate appendix at the end of the paper that identifies
each theory, model, key concept in the form of a glossary.
o Explain the campaign’s general success/failure based on your analysis.
 Use headings and sub-headings to clearly organize your paper.
 Include a properly formatted APA Reference page
 No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Professionalism, clarity, and accuracy
are required.

Change is the only constant… Take an existing organisation and write the brief

Change is the only constant…
Take an existing organisation and write the brief that enables it to pivot.In the commercial world being able to explain your thinking in simple communications is critical to growth, attraction of clients and survival in an ever changing business environment.You are required to find an organisation, charity or business you connect with. One that means something to you.
This must be an existing entity but it can be an SME, growing enterprise or international corporation.The challengeYou can choose to look at a brand led project, advertising campaign or website project offering services or digital interactions as a basis.Your organisation or business has decided that a key pivot of focus must happen due to a change in audience, competition or business environment. You must write the brief that will be answered by creative agencies to solve this communications and organisational challenge.In this taskThis is an individual task that counts towards your final mark and is purposefully designed to help you use the theory we will cover in a practical, real world way.Think about a organisational task that needs your attention, then produce a briefing document no longer than 5 pages that is clearly laid out and is well presented with diagrams and key points called out. (Creatives often have a short attention span!)What is the organisations current purpose and how will this shift?
Why is this change happening and why would the audience benefit?
What is the promise, the single minded proposition related to the project
What channels, methods and resources must be orchestrated to communicate this change creatively?
Why would the audience engage, take notice and care?
Present this as an a4 document in Powerpoint or Word or as a canva presentation. This document should be 5 pages long (with additional references and notes as required) and will show thinking, development, background information and your proposed personal single minded proposition so you are ready to brief an agency or creative team.

Search the internet for a digital publication, interactive PDF, or a mobile app,

Search the internet for a digital publication, interactive PDF, or a mobile app, and provide the following in your discussion post:
What is the URL?
What is the interactive element used in the publication?
Was the interactive element appropriate for the main audience for the publication?
How would you describe the user experience of the digital publication?
Does the use of interactivity support the objective in branding and, if so, how? Did it successfully reach the targeted audience?
How do the visual and typographic elements support the brand as well as the user experience?
Back up your opinions by citing specific examples from the publication. You can also back up your opinions with the text readings or outside examples. In other words, support your argument well.

Hi I need a power point presentation done for Advertising communications with at

Hi I need a power point presentation done for Advertising communications with at least 6 slides with speaker notes that entails intext citations and a reference page in Apa format. Here is the advertisememnt : Designed with a comfortable, upright posture and a sturdy build, the Cruiser by Sandbar is a bike
designed to suit your lifestyle. Available in a variety of colors and with a full accessory package, the
Cruiser is a bike you can use to tell your story.
 Base: $250.00
 Stylish fenders for the classic beach cruiser look
 Frame: All aluminum frame
 Gearing: Single-speed
 Rims: Alloy rims are stock, though options are available
 Pedals: Standard
Selected Options
 Handlebar Basket: $25.00
 Cup Holder: $15.00
 Bell: $10.00
 Handlebar Lights: $25.00
 Reflector Package: $30.00
About Sandbar: Sandbar is a new lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles and targeting teens and young
women. As a new company, it has grown primarily through social media advertising. Sandbar recently
found success through leveraging Instagram influencers to push its brand. The Cruiser represents a new
market for Sandbar. Here are the instructions:
At your firm, new associates are asked to create a mock client pitch for feedback from their managers and other stakeholders in the firm. As this is a presentation to internal stakeholders, Charlie has asked that you be explicit in addressing the reasoning behind your advertisements.
Client Pitch: When you are developing a persuasive advertising campaign, it is important to consider your target audience and product to determine what media, persuasive techniques, and design elements you will include. As part of your pitch, include the following elements:
Analyze the target audience for the advertising campaign. In your analysis, address the following:
What market segments does your advertising campaign target?
What variables of segmentation are you using to construct this segment?
Describe the persuasive techniques used in each advertisement. In selecting these persuasive techniques, consider the following:
What techniques will be most effective in persuading the target audience to make the purchase?
What appeals can be used in different advertisements?
What is the intended outcome of the appeals and persuasive techniques used?
Justify the choice of platforms used to deliver advertisements to your target audience. In justifying your choice, address the following:
Why did you select the platforms for your advertising?
Why are these chosen platforms effective channels to reach your target audience?
How do the channels and messages align?
Defend design decisions with regard to the needs of the target audience. In defending your design decisions, address the following:
Explain what elements you incorporated in each advertisement prototype.
How do the design elements used work to motivate your target audience?
Defend design decisions with regard to the intent of the advertising campaign. In defending your design decisions, address the following:
What design decisions were applied to demonstrate the persuasive techniques and messaging?
How do the design decisions connect with an overall cohesive campaign?
What design decisions are represented to appeal to and motivate the target audience?
Advertisements: As part of your pitch, your supervisor has asked you to create two advertisement prototypes that are targeted at an appropriate audience and leverage appropriate media and persuasive techniques.
Create two advertisements, unique in design and medium, that are aligned to client goals and leverage appropriate technologies
Incorporate a clear call to action in both advertisements
Here is the link to the the trend analysis:
Below in the file section I have sent a screeenshot of the bicycle advertisement.

The admissions committee will include your responses to these questions in evalu

The admissions committee will include your responses to these questions in evaluating your application for graduate admission. In two- to four-page persuasive essay, respond to the following:
1. Why are you interested in studying public relations and advertising at the graduate level?
2. What area(s) within the greater public relations and advertising space interests you?
3. What makes you an exceptional candidate to study public relations and advertising at USC Annenberg?
4. What is it about the Public Relations and Advertising degree program that inspired you to apply?

Hello, I want you to rewrite an “Introduction” for dissertation. I need to have

Hello, I want you to rewrite an “Introduction” for dissertation. I need to have it in a certain writing style, I am sending you together with my dissertation an “Examplar work” document, which style of writing I will need you to follow. Another important request is to shorten the amount of references up to 50. You can change them but I want to ask you to leave some of them, you can find which ones at the end of the message.

I am looking for you to completely reword the answers given. Please use your own

I am looking for you to completely reword the answers given. Please use your own words. I need the ideas to be the same just need it written differently. Please let me know if you have any questions.
The 3 questions are:
1.Summarize and describe how advertisements can both communicate and obscure aspects of Canadian nationalism and identity. (250 words or less)
2.Define the term settler-colonialism and explain how it is integrated into the HBC brand. (250 words or less)
3.Describe and explain the term brand community and identify methods that advertisers use to cultivate these communities. (250 words or less)