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  • ***Analyze the limits that the Stark Amendment applies to doctors in healthcare mergers and acquisitions involving their medical practice.
  • ***List the possible legal actions a hospital may face if found violating the Stark Amendment.

Your initial posting should be addressed at 300-500 words. APA format

case study


Read the below case and do the case study report

Please only do MacroEnterprises, Inc. Case #1 . Starting on page 6. Only case 1

Write a report on your actual or proposed data collection, analysis and findings. There should be three sections to the report. 

Section 1: Data Analysis Table. Prepare a table with the following headings: What: Data source (, focus group and interview ). 

Why: Justification for selecting the data. this part is done – I choose leadership issues involved with rapid organizational growth and changes, communication issues and technology complaints, integration of new and senior employees within the organization due to rapid growth.   (SINCE I ALREADY DID THE JUSTIFICATION JUST WRITE A LITTLE MORE ON IT)

How: Analysis methods qualitative, narrative analysis, etc.). 

Section 2: Prepare a 2- narrative description (double spaced) of the process used to identify, justify and analyze the data.( qualitative narrative analysis describing the selection criteria and the process used to reach consensus (or the degree of consensus) in the group. 8 2009 Society for Human Resource Management. Julia Storberg-Walker, Ph.D.; Diane Chapman, Ph.D.; and James Bartlett III, Ph.D.

Section 3:  logical Conclusions and Implications report from the analysis. 2 page report (more formal than Section 2this report should be APA formatted) that describes the analysis findings. Rely on case study reading materials as well as the data sources identified and analyzed above.. 

REPORT should have following headings:


Finding #1 

Finding #2 

Finding #3 (etc.); 

Conclusions and Implications 2. In your role as a consultant, these deliverables are for your client: 

A. Prepare and submit a focused and compelling one-page executive summary (i.e., argument) that supports the need for HR to become a strategic partner. All of the information in the executive summary should come from work done for the report described above. This summary will be presented to the CEO and board of directors of MacroEnterprises