BHA 3401 Unit 1 Homework This unit’s homework focuses on discovering your own l

BHA 3401 Unit 1 Homework
This unit’s homework focuses on discovering your own leadership style and motivation within a healthcare setting.
Part 1
Complete the exercise on pages 23–25 in the textbook: “Exercise: Where Does Your Department Fit?” Respond to each of the questions below, and base your responses on a healthcare department where you currently work or a department that you would like to supervise in the future.
Does your department best fit the job organization system or the cooperative management system?
What does this mean for your approach as a supervisor?
Have you seen changes in your work environment in these key areas as a result of the megatrends discussed in the Unit I Lesson?
Which of these paradigm shifts have affected you or your department the most?
Part 2
Read “Case: Balancing the Functions” on page 80 of your textbook, and respond to the questions below.
How well is Betty functioning in the dual supervisory role of both line and staff capacities in this case?
Was Betty emphasizing one of her roles at the expense of the other, which was congruent with Dr. Arnold’s belief?
What is your own view of Betty’s approach to managing the radiology unit?
Why does Betty seem less concerned with the day-to-day problem solving?
Your assignment should be at least two pages in length (one page each for Parts 1 and 2) and be double-spaced, not counting the title page. Submit both parts in one document. APA is not required for homework, but any direct quotes or paraphrased material should have accompanying in-text citations and a reference page entry.

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