Be sure to include a relevant Title that conveys the point of the study. (See Al

Be sure to include a relevant Title that conveys the point of the study. (See All videos related to the Semester Project for Instructions) Introduction 3 paragraphs Explain the point of the study and what problem/issue it hopes to address. Provide the background information/evidence that supports your hypothesis. Fully explain your null and alternative hypotheses and give your predictions for observations that should prove your hypothesis. Explain how you intend to observe these predictions by explaining your experimental design. Methods 4 paragraphs Describe how you performed the experiment. Be sure to include any reagents, instruments, measurements used. Give details such as concentrations, amounts, units, etc. Explain your statistical methods and the type of math you used to analyze the data. Results Describe what happened in the study. Include only relevant information. Failed trials and/or tangential observations should not be included. Summarize the numerical data in paragraphs. Compare the groups and provide statistical data. Include graphs/tables to illustrate the numerical data. Paste graphs into the same document Discussion Summarize the important results from the study. Conclude whether or not there were significant statistical differences. Interpret the results and explain what they mean. Propose an explanation for what occurred. Explain how this paper fits in with what is already known in the field. How does this study add to our understanding? Explain the relevance of this study. Does it add to the overall discussion of the problem? References CBE format: cite primary/secondary sources Last FM, Last FM, Last FM. Year. Article title. Journal Title Volume(Issue): First Page # – Last Page #. Steiner U, Klein J, Eiser E, Budkowski A, Fetters LJ. 1992. Complete wetting from polymer mixtures. Science 258(5085): 1122-1129. Be sure to include all authors in reference section You may have to look carefully at the paper, website, and database to find all parts of the reference

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