Basically this is a proposal to justify my method.This is a research paper on sc

Basically this is a proposal to justify my method.This is a research paper on schistosomiasis the topic is that
Schistosomiasis has caused so many problems in the past and it’s effects cause bacteria. Is it easier to administer praziquantel and amoxicillin together at the same time or administer praziquantel then test people for bacterial infections then if found positive of bacterial infections then administer amoxicillin after.
It has to have very good english and this is
for my final project.
It is a formal paper that should be 100% research based
Layout is
Specific aim 1 paragraph
Significance of research 2 pages
Justification of research: this is about 3 pages
Experimental design
Here is the rubic 
o Specific Aim(s)- on its own page, 1 page limit
 Summarize the major aim(s) of the proposed project in 1 paragraph  What will you accomplish?
 Significance of the project to the discipline and/or public i am a chemistry major who is going into public health
 Why does this topic matter? What benefit can be expected when you answer your research question? Why should anybody care about this? Why is this a problem worth solving?
 Justification of the project
o Summarizes the previous research to date
 Makes the case for the project, connecting the dots of previous research
to your current question
 Provides background and understanding of the area
 Demonstrates why this project is the next logical step in the discipline
 This should be the longest part of the proposal
 Experimental Design
o Describe how will you set up and carry out the experimental design
 Groups, design, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, subjects, time frame, etc.
 Methods
o What will you measure and how?
 Describe the techniques/equipment will you use to generate data to answer your question
 How will you analyze your data
It should be in continuous writing not in point form like a proper research paper
Important Info
The order was placed through a short procedure (customer skipped some order details).
Please clarify some paper details before starting to work on the order.
Type of paper and subject
Number of sources and formatting style
Type of service (writing, rewriting, etc)

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