Attached you will find a paper published at Nature Medicine (June 2020, Volume 2

Attached you will find a paper published at Nature Medicine (June 2020, Volume 26) called “Modelling the Covid-19 epidemic and implementation of population-wide interventions in Italy” by Giordano et al. The paper starts on page 855 and ends at page 859. On page 861 there is a system of 8 differential equations that they used to produce the plots and results of the paper. What is the ask?
1) Read the pages 859-860 and pay attention to Figure 1 on page 856.
2) Split your final report into three parts:
Part 1 – Summary of the paper. In your words, what is the paper about, importance of this model, their main conclusions.
Part 2 – Explain how each of the 8 differential equations on page 861 were derived based on Figure 1 of page 856. This is similar of what we did in the water tank method (Rate of change = Rate in – Rate out). Explain what each equation means. We will not solve the system. This is done in a next course after this called “Dynamical Systems”. There is a lot of Greek letters used and they are some parameters that are explained in page 861. Write the system in the form of equation (9) on page 862. You will notice it is the same for of system we are studying.
Part 3 – Your final comments about the activity. You can mention the importance of inter-disciplinary collaboration and other things that might be important such as information for political decisions, etc.

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