For your homework assignment please answer the following questions

1.      Literature Review: When you write a research paper, you are joining a conversation that was already going on before you started doing your research and that will continue after you finish. A literature review is meant to let your reader know how your research question and argument (or thesis) contribute to this larger conversation. In Higuera’s short article, the section “Marginalization and Precarious Work” provides a good example of a literature review, similar to what you will write in your papers. What discussion in the scholarly literature is Higuera responding to? (In other words, the authors she discusses in this section are writing about what?) What does Higuera’s research add to this conversation that is new or different? (Or what is her contribution?)  (1 point)

2.      Argument and Evidence: As you read, pay attention also to how Higuera is using evidence she draws from her interviews. What would you say is Higuera’s main argument (or thesis), or the main finding that she highlights from her research in this article?  Choose one example where Higuera directly quotes one of the people she interviewed. Write the quote as part of your answer. Use proper citation style: “….” (Higuera 2020, p. #). After the quotation, explain in 1-2 sentences how the quotation contributes to the main argument in the article. (Is it an example of something? Is it meant to highlight something related to her argument? Or a counter-argument?)  (1 point)

3.      Thesis, Literature Review, and Contribution: How would you summarize the main argument (or thesis) in the article by Umamaheswar & Tan? Their article includes a section called “Literature Review.” In no more than a paragraph, what scholarly discussion(s) do the authors emphasize in this section. What do they add to the discussion(s) that is new or different? (In other words, what is their contribution to the literature?) (1 point)

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