Assessment The final summative assignment for this Module comprises of you submi

Assessment The final summative assignment for this Module comprises of you submitting a written essay, which involves answering one of the questions outlined below within this folder. The essay will contribute 100% to the final mark for this Module and the word limit is 3,000 words, which includes all the content from the beginning of your introduction to the end of your conclusion. The only section of your assignment not included in the word count is your Reference List. Please note that penalties are imposed on work that exceeds the word limits. Question: ‘Situational Crime Prevention is an effective approach for preventing cybercrime within an organisation’. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Guidance From the outset of this assignment, you need to offer a clear outline of the Situational Crime Prevention (SCP) approach along with its theoretical underpinnings. As part of this discussion, you need to demonstrate how SCP can be applied to tackle cybercrime in an organisational setting. Furthermore, you may want to analyse some of the underlying theoretical tenets of SCP and how they apply to the virtual world, given that this crime prevention approach was not originally designed with cybercrime in mind. However, aim to not spend a significant amount of your word count doing this as it will result in your assignment being overly descriptive and failing to give enough attention to the crux of the essay question, which is outlined below. Subsequently, you will need to critically evaluate the effectiveness of SCP measures within an organisational context using existing academic literature which should involve considering the weaknesses, challenges and/or barriers to using these measures. As part of this evaluation, you may also want to compare the effectiveness of SCP measures to alternative approaches used to prevent cybercrime. Remember that you need to convey a clear argument and position in response to the essay question throughout your assignment, therefore it is important to think about how your focus and approach to the assignment contributes to the way in which you build and convey your argument. To achieve the above, you need to narrow your focus which can be achieved by focusing on a specific organisational sector, type(s) of cybercrime and/or specific measures. You should aim to clearly justify the way you have narrowed your focus to the reader. Similarly, you need to be clear about how you are viewing the term “effective” as this can be measured in many different ways, such as a decrease in cybercrime incidents, improved levels of awareness and response, cost efficiency to name a few. With all essay answers, please refer to the academic literature to support your points. Please also ensure that you engage in critical analysis in your essay, rather than just presenting information. This can be one of the most significant challenges students face but do use the module material on academic skills and interactions with your Personal Tutor and fellow students to assist with this. (Please see attached the referencing style system and the marking table rubric)

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