ASSESSMENT TASK 1: REPORT – ANALYTICAL Individual Aligned subject learning outco

Aligned subject learning outcomes
 SLO 1. Categorise and explain the relative importance of financial institutions and their purpose in their roles as intermediaries
 SLO 2. Apply financial ratio analysis, interpret, evaluate and examine bank’s financial statements
 SLO 3. Examine and analyse off balance sheet activities of financial institutions – be able to distinguish and differentiate SPV’s and other innovative banking products.
20% The word count requirement is 1500 +/- 10% excluding the bibliography
The aim of this assessment is to critically review the latest annual report of a Singaporean commercial bank (DBS, OCBC or UOB), and describe the key components making up the (on) balance sheet (i.e. the assets, the liabilities and equity portions) and their value to banking operations.
1. Select a commercial bank to research
2. Develop a critical review of the research that explains:
o the different types of assets and liabilities shown in the bank’s balance sheet,
o why the banks holds them in the proportions shown and how they differ, for example, from
those held by a life insurance company or an investment bank.
o how the provision of commercial services affects the structure and composition of a
commercial bank’s balance sheet. To do this you will need to calculate the ratios of the different assets and liabilities to total balance sheet assets and liabilities.
Useful Information:
Your answer must be supported with the use of relevant data taken from the balance sheets, and you should include any relevant calculations / graphs based on the use of this data.

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