As you finish up Hunger, by Roxane Gay you may be recognizing that the work with

As you finish up Hunger, by Roxane Gay you may be recognizing that the work with your client Ms. Gay has only begun and some may think that you have not even been able to scratch the surface. Her story and experience is not uncommon among adults with whom we may work, and what you may be experiencing as a reader may also transfer into practice.
Social workers understand that, as a consequence of difference, our personal experiences and affective reactions may impact our ability to effectively engage with diverse clients and constituencies. Since we value principles of relationship-building and inter-professional collaboration to facilitate engagement with clients, we use empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills to effectively engage diverse clients.
Where are you at in your compassion, burnout, and stress levels? Please look at the site that i am going to include to help answer the questions
Take this assessment and interpret your results for your professional development as a future social work practitioner.
(2) Social workers, officials, and police officers alike have professions that manage others’ bodies. How can social workers manage their own bodies better? Please offer any final thoughts and examples of Joanne Spence’s practices that you have used across the semester.
(3) What is a major takeaway from this course? Please be sure to complete your course evaluation. I really appreciate it.

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