Articles, Websites, and Videos: Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation are import

Articles, Websites, and Videos:
Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation are important in meeting organizational objectives. Creativity is using our minds to conceive new ideas. Through discovery, we put these ideas into practice to make them tangible and viable. Thus, creativity is an essential building block for innovation. On the other hand, innovation is the successful implementation of a creative idea to produce appropriate solutions for an organization. Creativity causes us to think differently, whereas innovation requires us to behave differently. How do you define creativity, discovery, and innovation?
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Creative thinkers are able to look at a problem from a different perspective and solve it using new and unique ideas. The following articles outline some of the characteristics of these creative thinkers and explain the creative thinking process. What other characteristics of creative thinkers would you add to the list?
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What does it take to change the world? Obsession. Tenacity. And lots of mistakes. You will be exploring many of the concepts that made these companies innovative.
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How creative are you? Take the quiz using the link below. Do you agree with the results? At the end of the quiz, review the ways to think about creativity and to use it in your personal and professional life.
Uzzi, B. (n.d.). How creative are you? Kellogg at Northwestern University.

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