Answer any TWO of the following three questions. Each question is worth 50 poin

Answer any TWO of the following three questions. Each question is worth 50 points. Please start on a new page when you answer the second question. Each answer should be about 3 to 4 pages double spaced. This is a take-home test. It is open-book, open-note, and open-Internet. Type your answers in a document file, such as Microsoft Word. Students are expected to provide citations and a works cited page where necessary.
Use Guachala for 1) and Krustev for 2).
2 pages for 1),
3 pages for 2)
1) Brazil saw the election of populist Jair Bolsonaro in 2018 and a severe decline of its establishment parties. According to Hunter and Power, what four crises in Brazil led to a plunge in government legitimacy? Describe the rise of Bolsonaro and the changing party landscape in Brazil. According to Guachalla et. al, how has autocracy been thwarted in Bolsonario’s first years as president. Do you believe that Brazil will remain a liberal democracy? Why or why not? (2 pages)
2) According to Krastev, some of eastern Europe’s post-Cold War democracies are currently undergoing an “illiberal revolution.” Give some examples and discuss the commonalities of illiberal democracies in the region. Why does Krastev believe this is happening? Way uses Belarus as an example of a state that is becoming increasingly authoritarian. Describe in detail the 2020 election in Belarus and the protests that followed. Do you believe that most eastern European states will be liberal democracies by 2030? Why or why not? (3 pages)

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