After reading the lecture at

After reading the lecture at, answer the following three questions:
1. Why is telling stories through film and other visual media so important to Zacharias Kunduk? 3 – 4 sentences
2. Describe how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the animation industry in the US and beyond. Refer to either the Ringer article or the NPR 1A Podcast linked in the lecture content, and feel free to include any other outside references (such as other articles, interviews or media). 3 – 4 sentences
3. Link to either Pinot W. Ichwandardi’s twitter or Lisa Hanwalt’s Portfolio Page, and select an animation work to respond to (that is not one of the videos on the lecture content page). Describe the animation’s visual design. What types of technology are used to produce the animation? What do you find unique or interesting about this animation in terms of visuals and or the story? 3 – 4 sentences

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