Abolitionist Writings of the 19th Century

Angelina E. Grimke: From Appeal to the Christian Women ofthe South 

Sojourner Truth: “Speech to the Womens RightsConvention”

James M. Whitfield: Stanzas for the First of August

Analyzing the assigned readings of the three authors andincluding at least TWO QUOTES from each text with MLA in-text citations,discuss 3 of the following topics for each writer in one mini-essay of 4-5well-developed paragraphs; include a few sentences of introduction andconclusion as well as making comparisons between all three writers(cross-analysis). Do not separate your discussion board into blocks by works;you are writing a unified mini-essay with a thesis in your opening sentencesthat connects the various works followed by the body of your essay thatprovides examples, support quotes, and discussion.

  • Similarities and/or differences in views ofGod/faith/Bible/Christianity
  • Genre or structure of the texts (narrative? essay? letter?poetry? speech?) How does this impact the interest of the reader/listener?Explain.
  • Anti-slavery views, arguments, and types of persuasion
  • Overall theme for each

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