A process evaluation is the systematic and continued documentation of key aspect

A process evaluation is the systematic and continued documentation of key aspects of program performance that assesses whether the program is operating as intended—a process evaluation does not measure the outcomes of a program.
Instead, process evaluations are an ongoing function and involve repeated measures over time. Often, process evaluations are the starting point for an outcome evaluation. This type of evaluation provides regular feedback about how well the program is performing its critical functions. The components of the process evaluation are often built into the program’s data systems, such as program records, surveys, program users, eligible clients, and program dropouts.
For this Discussion, you and a partner will role play engaging in professional correspondence regarding process evaluation. You will each take on two roles: the program evaluator and an agency stakeholder. In your first post, you will each share initial questions you need to be answered regarding the program you selected for evaluation, and then, in your response posts, you will respond to each other from the agency stakeholder perspective, answering the evaluator’s questions to the best of your ability.
To Prepare.
**Read Chapter 12 of the course text.
**You and your colleague will each play the part of the program evaluator. Additionally, you will each select a stakeholder perspective for your response. Consider the stakeholder part you would like to play. For example:
Post to the Discussion, addressing your assigned partner as though you are the program evaluator and they are a stakeholder at Life House helping to coordinate program evaluation activities. Compose your post like an email to the Life House coordinator, including the professional tone and communication that comes with the format, and address the following:
**Identify the program you have selected for evaluation.
**In your own words, describe what the process evaluation is and why you are doing it.
**List 3–5 questions you would like answered to help inform your process evaluation.
**Explain why the questions you selected are important.
**Describe next steps—what will you do once you have collected this initial data?

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