fter you read the article, . Reflect on what it says about the importance of quality assessment.

Check to make sure the assessment you pick is INFORMAL.

Identify 1INFORMAL transition assessment tool/instrument that might apply to your specific program or one you might use. The  is a good source as well as the Slide presentation used in class. Select a tool that assess: education, self-determination, employment/training, social skills and/or living (independent or group). 

Informal assessments may include interviews or questionnaires, direct observations, anecdotal records,
environmental or situational analysis, curriculum-based assessments, interest inventories, preference assessments, and transition planning inventories.

Another good source for information on formal assessments is the . Read through the Tool Kit especially pages 19-22.  You can also refer to Ramona Robert’s list as well.

 When selecting the type of informal assessment, think about the students in your program and the applicability of the assessment tool. You will then research the tool and write a 1-2 page critique.  Your critique needs to include, : Name of Assessment, Publisher, Cost(if any), Target Population, Strengths/Weaknesses, Uses etc. The last paragraph needs to state your opinion including what you liked or didn’t like about the instrument. Write your evaluation in narrative format.

Be thorough in your description because it may be something you want to use in the future.

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