40 points: 8-10 APA formatted, double-spaced pages (does not include reference p

40 points: 8-10 APA formatted, double-spaced pages (does not include reference pages) Objective: Students will write a literature review (AKA a very in-depth research paper) that expands their (and their readers’) knowledge about an issue impacting families in a global context. Requirements: Students must include an introduction to the topic, a section discussing at least one family theory that fits the topic, a discussion of the topic, a conclusion or summary section, and a list of references. Students may write up to 1 page detailing their personal experience with or personal interest in the topic – this section should be titled Researcher’s Location, and should be written to help the reader understand why this chapter topic was chosen and why it is important. Points Distribution Introduction (1/2 to 1 page): Students must introduce their topic and what will be covered in the literature review paper. 5 pts Family Theory Section (1-2 pages): Students must ground their topic in a family theory, include an explanation of the theory, and reference the theory throughout the chapter (not just in the explanation section!) 10 pts Content (up to 1 page may be used for Researcher’s Location, see above instructions): The content should contain at least 8-10 references. At least 5 of these references should be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. The other references should be from credible sources such as popular press, media, and internet references. Textbook and print book references will be accepted on a limited basis. Every effort should be made to use research published within the last 10 years (except in the theory explanation section). **Reminder** – while the topic is flexible and you are welcome to integrate your area of study, this course is about families in global context, and therefore the majority of your content should address families. Please consult with your instructor if you are unsure about how to meet this requirement. 15 pts Conclusion and Reflection (1-2 pages): The conclusion should summarize the paper and illustrate the impact of this paper on future research and practice. 5 pts APA Style and Writing: Use APA style guide 6th or 7th edition – 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and an APA references page. Headings and subheadings are strongly recommended, and should be formatted according to APA guidelines. 5 pts Total Points 40 pts

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