4. Assignment 4: Reflective and Metacognitive Essay (150 points) Due- 12/3 Refer

4. Assignment 4: Reflective and Metacognitive Essay (150 points) Due- 12/3
Refer to the pre-assessment activities that were done in the first week of the semester.
In addition, refer to the self-assessment at the end week of the semester too. Using course objectives and
professional dispositions, write an essay that discusses your beliefs about assessment. The essay should
include a discussion of these beliefs as well as a reflection on your learning in the course with at least
two course resources. You will use APA citations for the resources. For your information for APA
citations, please see the link:
on your previous
assessment, what you
have learned
the course,
to apply your learnings
as a classroom teacher. The essay should be
at least two pages but no more than
three pages long.
(but not limited to)
a.Now that you have completed this course, what do you believe about assessment? What is
its purpose? What is its role in the curriculum? How can it facilitate growth among diverse
learners? How can it inform your teaching in the future?
b. Think about your school placement this past semester. What challenges did teachers and
students face in terms of assessment? What assessment strategies could you practice increasing
student success if you were to be placed in this school or a similar school?
c. Referring to the course objectives and/or dispositions, which did you identify as your
“weakest” area? In what ways – if at all – did you grow in this area? Discuss relevant learning
experiences from the classroom and your student-teaching.
d. Discuss a misconception that you may have had about assessment and how this misconception was corrected.
Refer to examples from class and from your field experience, and how you will apply learnings in the future.
E. In light of the course objectives and/or dispositions, what is you biggest “takeaway” from the course?
F. If you were to advise students who will take this course next year, what would you say? What highlights would you want them to be aware of? What “tips” could you give to help them succeed?
Course Resource: Chappuis, J., Stiggins, R., Chappuis, S. & Arter, J. (2020). Classroom assessment for student learning: Doing it right– using it well
(3rd ed.).Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-518557-5
All files are attached to this order to use to write the reflective essay. Please follow the rubric and make sure you are exceeding expectations according to the rubric.

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