20200513031548assignment (1).pdf 20200513031553assignment_faqs_sem_1_2020 (1).pd

20200513031548assignment (1).pdf 20200513031553assignment_faqs_sem_1_2020 (1).pdf 20200513031556key_notes.docx 20200513031600rubric_assignment_7101_s1_2020.pdf 20200513034521egg_2019.pdf 20200513034528enero_annual_report_fy17.pdf 20200513034531enero_annual_report_fy18.pdf 202005130316051.xlsx 202005130344532017.pdf 202005130344552018.pdf 202005130344572019.pdf
please write the financial report and decision making for two companies, there are three question that you need to answer in the report, q1,q3,q4, the part of q2 is the ratio calculation, I have already finish it, you need to use the ratio in the excel workbook. And I write a key notes for you which is the key points in each question, you need to follow it and add some other information. I have attached the annual reports here for year 2019,2018,2017 for both two companies.
the reference style should be harvard style, which you can find how to do it in the assignment.pdf
please follow the key notes, it is very important and look at the marking rubric.

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