1)Discuss what technologies mentioned in Chapter 7 would be beneficial to your c

1)Discuss what technologies mentioned in Chapter 7 would be beneficial to your company during the first year. Use Chapter 7 only as a “guideline” (Pages 190- 191). Why would these technologies be beneficial? What would be the purpose? Who would the audience be? Would there need to be guidelines or policies for its use?
2) Have you heard that saying before? I cannot remember when I first heard this saying, but it has become one of my favorites.
When I worked as a District Sales Manager, I remembered that on many occasions my colleagues would want a new feature or product that not only did not meet their needs but one that was actually counter-productive to their business processes.
When our society offers a new tool or a cool new way of communicating, it seems that we all can’t wait to buy it (myself included). As a result, we are so busy using the new tools that we do not always step back to see them for what they are: tools. We run out and buy the newest iPhone that is loaded with maps, internet, texting, etc. The new tool then becomes a part of who we are and it takes over the way that we communicate. Sometimes I think that the technology is now controlling us.
In Chapter 4 of your textbook, Table 4.1 (p. 108) identifies the advantages and disadvantages of different types of media.
Please discuss these topics:
When should the telephone be used instead of email?
Should I be concerned with my audience’s preferred method of communication? Why/Why not?
What are the advantages and disadvantages to texting or utilizing an iPhone while in a meeting?
What is your favorite way of communicating? Why?
3)Case study: Sales message promoting a product of your own invention
You never intended to become an inventor, but you saw a way to make something work more easily, so you set to work. You developed a prototype, found a way to mass-produce the product, and set up a small manufacturing studio in your home. You know that other people are going to benefit from your invention. Now all you need is to reach that market.
Your task: Imagine a useful product that you might have invented — perhaps something related to a hobby or sporting activity. List the benefits and features of your imaginary product. Then write a sales message for it, using what you’ve learned in Chapter 12 and making up details as you need them
4) Complete the questions under Apply Your Knowledge on Page 363 (Chapter 12 – Writing Persuasive Messages). After you post your submission, then comment on two of your classmates’ posts.
5) When starting your new business, you decided you want to keep employees as informed as possible about the business and how things are going. Email seemed like a good idea initially but you soon realized it simply got lost in the glut of messages employees were receiving and responding to each week. Podcasting seemed like a good alternative. Not only could employees listen whenever they had the time, using a podcast and speaking to your employees just seems more personal. The Podcasts have turned out to be very popular. Employees have enjoyed the conversational tone and appreciate the way you’ve kept them up-to-date on company status and plans in your weekly message.
Now it is time for your next Podcast. In this module’s podcast, you are going to announce the use of WebEx in your business, and announce second quarter sales results. Think through what it is you want to communicate to your employees: did you do well, better than expected, poorly? Is there information that you want to communicate other than the numbers themselves? Review the information in Chapter 7 (Pages 205-206) for creating effective Podcasts. Be sure to plan your Podcast effectively: what do employees need to know? Keep in mind that the primary purpose of the podcast is to announce the use of WebEx in your business.
Submit a transcriipt (only a transcriipt) of your podcast. Your transcriipt must be the equivalent of a 2-3 minute podcast.
6) Driving to work this morning you hear a report on the radio that the local branch of the American Red Cross is concerned about dangerously low supplies of blood and is appealing for donors. When you get to work, you decide to hold a blood drive and to persuade employees and their families to become donors.
Email: Using the 3 step process for successful email, compose a message to your employees. Be sure to use Checklist for Creating Effective Email Messages in Chapter 7. You will write your email to: All Employees.
7) Why is the ‘you’ attitude especially important with long complex reports?
8) Annual Reports: Find 3 or 4 annual reports. Companies typically post their annual reports on their websites. You should select reports that include more than the SEC financial statements (they should include a shareholder letter and narrative section). Post the reports (or URLs to them) and analyze them:
Who is the audience for each section of the report?
What is the purpose for each section?
Is the audience and purpose the same for the entire report or are there multiple audiences? Give examples to support responses.
How are the reports organized? How do the organization and format for each enhance or detract from the information presented?
9) Complete Exercise 13-35 on page 392. After you post your submission (see attached)
10) Complete Exercise 13-42 on page 393 After you post your submission (see attached)

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