1. Use the Practice Behaviors in competency below to discuss how you have partic

1. Use the Practice
Behaviors in competency below to discuss how you have participated in
identifying as a professional social worker and conducting ones-self
accordingly. Be specific about activities and/or processes that you have
engaged in. Offer description, detail (content) and depth. Include how you
handled the situations and your reasons for handling them in the manner you
2. Describe how you felt
regarding the activities, processes, and/ or experiences that you have
connected the practice behaviors to. You will need to identify and describe
your feelings. At least three (3) feelings need to be identified and described.
Any issues of counter-transference? Please describe and discuss any issues of
counter-transference. (Affective)
3. Connect what you have
written to your previous course content. Identify and describe concepts from at
least 2 different courses and apply them to your particular situation.
4. What insights have you
gained from the experience? What are the benefits of these new insights?
Competency 2: Engage Diversity and Differences in Practice
Social workers understand how diversity and difference
characterize and shape the human experience and are critical to the formation
of identity. The dimensions of diversity are understood as the
intersectionality of multiple factors including but not limited to age, class,
color, culture, disability and ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and
expression, immigration status, marital status, political ideology, race,
religion/spirituality, sex, sexual orientation, and tribal sovereign status.
Social workers understand that, as a consequence of difference, a person’s life
experiences may include oppression, poverty, marginalization, and alienation as
well as privilege, power, and acclaim. Social workers also understand the forms
and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination and recognize the extent to
which a culture’s structures and values, including social, economic, political,
and cultural exclusions, may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create
privilege and power.
Practice Behaviors
Social workers:

apply and communicate understanding of the
importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences in practice
at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels;

present themselves as learners and engage
clients and constituencies as experts of their own experiences; and

apply self-awareness and self-regulation to
manage the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse
clients and constituencies.

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