1 Title page (including Group# & member names)2 Introduction (discussing the glo

1 Title page (including Group# & member names)2 Introduction (discussing the global, national, state and local implications of the group policy change and explaining how and why the group selected to focus on this particular policy change. At the end of this section the group should set forth the Group’s proposed policy change in brief);3 Results (this is where the group states their findings – What the cost of the policy change is expected to entail, sources of funding to implement and maintain said policy change (i.e. the details, the specific language of your policy change);4 Discussion (this is where your group explains what comparable legislation and support for the group policy change having used the literature and other authoritative external sources to support the arguments made. Also, discuss other similar policies and/or if this policy exists elsewhere, as well as, identifying and addressing the expected concerns of suspected opposing interest groups;5 Conclusions & Recommendations (this is where you can explain how the policy change accomplishes the group’s ideals/intent of the policy).2.8.2 APA Style is required only for in-text citations in each of the five sections noted above and the references.3. Additional Guidance & Requirements3.1 Citation of a source is required for each paragraph, on each table/chart used and in every sentence where a number appears3.2 At least one source citation substantively used in each paragraph is required.3.3 Data and Sources. All data (facts and figures/statistics) shall be referenced appropriately. References and in text citations shall be in APA Style format. For those students that need help with proper APA in text citation and references, please see the following link: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/. Additional APA Style links and documents will be posted on the Class online site. Also, see www.refworks.com – this source is available free to FIU students and will assist you in formatting references properly in APA and other formats. An additional source http://bruteforcestudyguide.com/essaywriting/apastyle.html 8. Required Section Headings/Content in Paper.

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