1. Pick one organelle to investigate using external resources. Write a one parag

1. Pick one organelle to investigate using external resources. Write a one paragraph (MIN of FIVE sentences) summary of this organelle. Be sure to include which type of cell it resides in, it’s location in the cell, it’s function and its interaction with other organelles.
2. Write a 4 paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph) essay describing the stages of Mitosis. Dedicate one paragraph each to prophase, anaphase, metaphase and telophase/cytokinesis. Be sure to include a summary of what happens to the key players (plasma membrane, nuclear envelope, DNA, spindle fibers, centrioles etc.) in each of the stages.
3. Compose a brief report of osmosis. Include the terms (utilized correctly and in complete sentences, not just listed as definitions): isotonic, hypotonic, hypertonic, solute, solvent, solution, concentration, gradient, transport etc. Be sure to describe how osmosis is important to a cell’s viability.
4. Write a brief (2-3 paragraph *paragraphs have a min of 5 sentences) essay on the history of the microscope. Utilize independent resources to research the origin, development and use of the microscope. Be sure to discuss the various types of microscopes and how they differ from one another.
5. Write a 1+ page, 3+ paragraph (5+ sentences per paragraph) essay on the five mechanisms of population evolution. These are to include: natural selection, sexual selection (mate choice), migration, mutation, and genetic drift. Discuss each of these mechanisms of evolution, and when/how they can influence population genetics. Be sure to describe a real world example of each.

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