1. Memo is structured/formatted with correct sections and headings. 2. D

1. Memo is structured/formatted with correct sections and headings.
2. Decision Maker(s) is/are clearly
Included each section with
heading and provide all required information per assignment instructions.
Memo meets word length
requirements and follows correct business style.
Memo Template to Use as You Complete this
For this assignment you will follow an
assignment template
Note: Please use
the format outlined below, including the headers provided in bold, for the
In a few sentences, explain why you are
writing your memo. Specifically ask permission to research your topic and write
a report about it.
What the problem is and why it
needs to be investigated
In a few paragraphs describe the problem you
are writing about and explain why you want to do research and write a report
about the problem and solutions you will propose.
Secondary research you will conduct
In a few sentences, discuss the research you
will conduct. Remember to mention both trade
(professional) sources and scholarly sources.
Benefits of your research and your
report’s recommendations
In a few paragraphs discuss why your research
the report you write will benefit your audience and provide possible solutions
to the problem you are investigating.
In a few sentences repeat your request for
permission to do research and write a report on your topic. Mention the
benefits that your work will offer in providing possible solutions to a known
problem in your workplace or community.

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