1-I chose an article about oral health from The New York Times Magazine, written

1-I chose an article about oral health from The New York Times Magazine, written by Kim Tingley on the 19th of 2021. The summary of this article was how Covid-19 has had an effect on how the world as a whole has not been able to visit the dentist as usual and because of this decrease of dental visits or oral care it has cause some issues. Many people worldwide has lost their dental insurance due to Covid-19. An estimated number of six billion people nationwide has lost their insurance making this one of the reason why some people has not visit the dentist office and others has put off going to the dentist due to cost. Oral health insurance can be expensive causing an individual to spend 20% out-of-pocket cost.
Poor oral health care is important for it is the cause or contributed to other disorders in the body such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, premature birth and some respiratory infections. It can also have an effect on an individual socioeconomic outcome, causing one to isolate themselves from other social groups or the company of others. Dental providers has had to come up with ways of addressing the issues at hand by going into the schools or other sites within the communities of those that are less fortunate or not able to come to their dental visit due to Covid-19 (Tingley, K. 2021).
World Health Organization (WHO) estimated a total of 3.5 billion people worldwide would be affected by oral disease. Cancer of the lips and oral cavity are at the top 15 most common cancer over the whole world and is the cause of 180,00 deaths every year (WHO).
Some of the health determinants of health from our lesson that relates to the article is population health which is the focus of risk, data, and demographics and outcomes, Outcomes which is the end result that follows an intervention and mortality which is the tracking of deaths within an aggregate.
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Oral health
Oral health is a key indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life. It encompasses a range of diseases and conditions that include dental caries, Periodontal disease, Tooth loss, Oral cancer, Oral manifestations of HIV infection, Oro-dental trauma, Noma and birth defects such as cleft lip and palate. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 estimated that oral diseases affect 3.5 billion people worldwide, with untreated dental caries being among the most prevalent noncommunicable diseases. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the incidence of oral cancer was within the top three of all cancers in some Asian-Pacific countries in 2018.
I selected an article from The New York Times (2018) by Nikita Stewart and Benjamin Weiser regarding a “Sex Trafficking Pipeline”. Nineteen arrests were made when multiple young female victims went missing from a rehabilitation center only to fall into an organized sex trafficking ring (Stewart & Weiser, 2018). Some of the girls were as young as thirteen years old and all of the victims were part of the social services system. They were preyed upon because of their lack of stability and obvious vulnerability (Stewart & Weiser, 2018).
Like in the above mentioned case, according to World Health Organization (2014), women and children and of lower socio economic status are targeted as victims and should be seen as an “at-risk group”. Sex trafficking is seen all over the world and can also be seen with migrants crossing borders. The victims are often offered drugs, controlled financial and emotionally and suffer from severe trauma from their abusers (World Health Organization, 2014). As healthcare providers. we should be prepared to identify potential victims of these crimes, and also provide support and resources if able. Continuing education courses should be required to properly ensure healthcare providers have the tools to identify instances of sexual trafficking and to care for this sensitive population of patients (World Health Organization, 2014).
The SGD that sticks out at me for this topic is “3.D Strengthen the capacity of all countries, in particular developing countries, for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks” (World Health Organization, 2020). Being that this topic is considered a global risk we must be very vigilant with our patients, especially those in the vulnerable populations (World Health Organization, 2014).
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