1. Choose one (1) mental illness discussed in the Mental Illness chapter of your

1. Choose one (1) mental illness discussed in the Mental Illness chapter of your text.
2. Create a PowerPoint presentation, include the following:
What is the name of the disorder?
What are the symptoms?
What are the causes, specifically highlighting: biopsychological research, environmental research, other research (if applicable).
Choose one (1) previous chapter in the textbook, discuss how the mental disorder may impact a specific biopsychological function as described in that chapter. For example, if you choose schizophrenia, you might discuss how the visual system might be impacted based on research.
Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed sources in the presentation. Cite the textbook. Provide a reference list at the end of your presentation in APA style.
3.  Create a Screencast (Links to an external site.) of your PowerPoint presentation:
Use the Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder (Links to an external site.) to record your oral presentation. You can also use your phone or an app like Zoom for recording.
Your recording should include PowerPoint slides that cover all of the components of your research.
Your presentation should be limited to 10-15 minutes.
Upload your final screencast here in this assignment area.
PSY 334 Presentation RubricPSY 334 Presentation RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent20 to >18.4 ptsDistinguishedReveals a solid understanding of the proposed topic as evidenced by preliminary research and knowledge18.4 to >16.6 ptsProficientIdentifies significant details of the proposed topic. Reveals an adequate understanding of the topic as evidenced by the amount of preliminary research.16.6 to >14.8 ptsSatisfactoryReveals a restricted understanding of the proposed topic.14.8 to >13.0 ptsEmergingAdds little detail to describe the proposed topic13 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryDoes not identify the proposed topic.20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization20 to >18.4 ptsDistinguishedWell-developed slides. Sequencing enhances ideas and meaning. Ideas focused on central theme. Introduction, overview, and conclusion are well developed and integrated with each other in an interesting manner.18.4 to >16.6 ptsProficientSmooth transition between slides with adequate structure and sequencing of ideas. Introduction, overview, and conclusion are adequately developed.16.6 to >14.8 ptsSatisfactoryTransition between most slides with limited paragraph structure. Sequence is not logical. Contains a basic introduction, main section, and conclusion.14.8 to >13.0 ptsEmergingSome transition with poor slide structure and some evidence of planning.13 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNo transition between slides, ideas not in logical order. No structure to slides.20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDevelopment20 to >18.4 ptsDistinguishedIdeas focus on the central theme. All ideas and answers are clearly presented and unified.18.4 to >16.6 ptsProficientCentral theme is matched to the topic, most ideas explore the central theme, clear and unified.16.6 to >14.8 ptsSatisfactoryIdeas are clear. Some ideas address the central theme. Central theme is linked to the topic.14.8 to >13.0 ptsEmergingFew idea address central theme. Ideas ramble and are difficult to identify.13 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryDoes not follow the theme with muddles unclear ideas.20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConventions20 to >18.4 ptsDistinguishedNo errors noted.18.4 to >16.6 ptsProficient1 error -sentence structure -capitalization -grammar -presentation -general structure16.6 to >14.8 ptsSatisfactory2-3 errors -sentence structure -capitalization -grammar -presentation -general structure14.8 to >13.0 ptsEmerging4-5 errors -sentence structure -capitalization -grammar -presentation -general structure13 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryMultiple errors -sentence structure -capitalization -grammar -presentation -general structure20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVoice Quality20 to >18.4 ptsDistinguishedExcellent delivery. Voice projects enthusiasm, interest and confidence in a highly engaging manner. Major and minor points of the presentation are offset and differentiated by aspects of voice quality (e.g., pitch, pace, inflection, volume).18.4 to >16.6 ptsProficientGood delivery. Many points of the presentation include various aspects of voice quality (e.g., pitch, pace, inflection, volume).16.6 to >14.8 ptsSatisfactoryDelivery is adequate. Uses vocal variety (pitch, pace, inflection, volume) to sufficiently engage the audience and maintain interest.14.8 to >13.0 ptsEmergingConsistently demonstrates one or more of following verbal styles: mumbling, poor articulation, too soft, too loud, too fast, too slow, too many “ums”, lack of pauses, etc. Pace, tone or volume is inadequate and distracting.13 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNo AUDIO included or submitted PowerPoint only.20 pts
Total Points: 100Previous

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